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by James Jett

The elected and the voters are parting ways again. This time after the voters made the largest changes in Congress in history. Republicans will take over the congress, and enjoy gains in the Senate. Realizing they are in office because the people in the Tea-party wanted to see change in the makeup of the Congress. “Change that we can all believe in.”

It is obvious, that the newly elected to the congress, know and appreciate the result of the last election, giving majority rule to the Republican party. Most of the congressman that is up for election in 2012, will  be aware of the wishes of the members elected with help from the Tea-party. Commitments made to lobbyist and special interest groups will have to pass musters with the newly elected, or receive opposition if they fail to do so.

The Tea-party, show ability to get out the vote and field candidates that would receive wide support. And the Illegal-alien-movement. (I see them as a movement) All through better organized, enjoyed less success, and failed to increase the number of elected Senators and Congressman that will vote for most of their agenda. Two destiny groups, each promise they will control this country in the future. It is clear to me, the Hispanics are in the lead, with the Tea-party working to catch up. The 2010 election showed that the Tea-party had nation-wide appeal, while the Hispanic are strong in pockets, many pockets, people willing to help them, churches willing to support them, businesses giving them jobs and governments changing the laws so they can stay in this country and grow in numbers able to rule this nation. It’s just a dream, when the Hispanics talk about ruling the United States of America, it’s just a dream–not impossible, but just a dream! The Tea-party will succeed, unless they lack the will to get the job done.

Present polls and independent reviews, show that the government can’t run any thing successfully. Pot-holes in the cities, damage automobiles,’ and cost’s, thousands of dollars for repairs. Highways and freeways repaired in one year, is in need of repair the next year in the same spot! Buying licensing and plates is a pain, when you tell them your car is the same one you bought the license for last year and they ask you what make or model at the same time they are looking at your title.

Any poll, any review and talk with the citizens, will show, a small government is the best government. Large government benefits lobbyists and elected officials, while costing us more in taxes and time, because of slow lines and paper work.


Family Business: American Problems!

by James Jett

I am starting to get the feeling that I am like a ship’s Captain that has been toed out in the water far enough so that I can turn the ship and head in the direction I planed before learning that I would become a part time baby sitter for three of my grandchildren; because the baby sitter could not return from the Christmas holidays in Europe. Each time they discussed the vacation in my present I would consider the return trip and the immigration problems in this country. Later it would have saved me a lot of time that I could have used to get this Blogging and my business site up to par, or at least post daily in one of the blogs, if I had asked the question, are you sure the school records are up to date? One thing I am sure of and that is we cannot reverse the decision: so it’s enrolling in school or get another visa to visit or work.
Although I read and listen to discussions about the immigration and visas problems as they report the whole operation as a complete failure, beyond that, I know very little about the process. All I know is the hold process is unfair, illegal and unsafe for our country and it citizens. Illegal Aliens are being pushed ahead of the people that came here legally. Consider the added criminal element that is crossing the border every day equipped with weapons comparable to our military. Determine to continue drug trafficking and bring humans to this country to be semi enslaved for the best part of their lives. Increase cost in caring for the sick, the wounded, add to that the uneducated, the lazy and the untrained and you are looking at a bankrupt nation in the next 20 years. Some examples: over the last 12 months I have driven through and crisscross some of the poor and uneducated neighborhoods in the United States of America, stopping at service stations only when other people were getting gas to ask directions. When I didn’t need gas, I would stop at a fire station or ask the police for directions. Now I am convinced that the elected and appointed officials are not telling the citizens in those cities the truth about the decade of low life styles these people have lived years in and years out. When speaking about the plight of the poor and uneducated in these communities, I hear words like “a few of our citizens are yet in need of our help so they can feed their family and plan for a better future” The person making that statement know as well as I do, or better, that some of these people are not using the aid provided to help feed their families, they are spending it on illegal drugs and alcohol. How do you think they get money to purchase the illegal drugs and alcohol, from the tooth fairy? Yes I know they acquire some money from stealing and robbing their neighbors and sometime do jail time for those crimes.
Some of my children and grandchildren’s grandparents and some cousins used alcohol as their drug-of-choose and gambling as their other sinful behavior. They both are equal destroyers and at time twice as deadly as illegal drugs. Too correct or change any bad habits will require a willingness to change our bad behaviors by getting an education, cleaning up our life style and maintaining a safe and healthy community environment. This can be accomplished by demanding equal protection from law enforcement, schools that teach us to read, write and understand math, and a life style devoted too changing and improving our laws by voting for elected officials and working with others concern citizens that will tolerate no criminal behavior in the neighborhood.