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Tiger Woods Returns:Money, White Women,Black Men

by James Jett

Tiger Woods is off to a good start, tomorrow, that is true if you are not watching the daily media attack. The media are angry because he is acting as if he is his own man and answering to no white man, especially those seated on their behinds demanding that he feeds, obeys, and answers to them.  And if he fails to hide his tail between his legs like a meek dog and be under their control they release the full weight and influence, of the powerful press to bring him down and keep him down.
Tiger Woods sinned, and in sinning he proved that he is not only a good golfer, but a dam foul. When he failed to realize that unprotected sex could have been the death of his family. He should avoid repeated conversations with a white woman unless his wife is present. Avoided Sex with any woman outside the marriage, but the concern is between the man and his wife, but not the Media.

The Media will invade the private life of everyone else, while refusing to publish their ratings. (A few exceptions)  and the rating, decide the pay, not their good looks. The public has a right to know how well they are performing as Media Host.  Current reports show that many media entities are failing, folding and appearing as false front, for news outlets.

Blaming Tiger, while holding the women as innocence, being forced to engage, in sinful, sex with this Black male, when they could have said  “NO, and do not contact me anymore”
Personally, I believe Tiger Woods has and is doing more for the citizens in this country and people in other parts of the world than 90 percent of the people in the media. Yet the media fail to mention his good works when publishing his sins. The word Shame should  flash every time they make this error. Knowing the other facts I have from my private sources, Tiger should return to golf if that is what he wishes to do with his time. As long as he remembers a lot of people, men and women, boys and girl in the world are counting on him to prevail.
To those, who disagree with me, read the Eleventh Chapter of 2 Samuel in the Old Testament!


This is What I Would do: As Tiger Woods, and WHY

by James Jett

An associate just call, and asked me, what  I would do if I was in Tiger Woods’ shoes. For me the answer is easy, first, I prepare my press release, and decide which show I will appear on to fully discuss my problem. Next, I will tell the women I am not going to pay them anything, after all we both rolled in the hay! I am not paying twice for my sins. The persons insulted and wronged is my wife and family and I plan too spent my money and my time earning their trust again.  So all money and concern are going to my wife. My sin does not need me paying the people I committed the sin with, as though, their sin is not as bad as my sin. Five million each would equal, what, $20M, maybe more, as the encounters increases? Add to that the fee for all the professional advice and free sex becomes very costly. I committed a sin, not a crime. I need to focus on my family and this will take the rest of my total life.

In my press release, I will announce that I am writing a book and during my book tour I will have town-hall meetings, where I discuss all the details of my marriage, no press allow?  In those meetings I will tell the people, that, I realize I have been a fool, in more ways than I care to number, the best proof is my failure to know how to conduct my affair in the first place. So ignorant about the new technology, I called a lover on A cell-Phone.

(Does anyone remember when someone got in trouble because that eavesdrop on Senator Newt Gingrich, talking on his cell phone?) Other people can listen to your cell phone calls, and for a legal reason you can go to court and get a copy of your spouse’s phone records.

It were my decision, to act on my addiction to sex, but the people who encouraged, aided and enabled is not someone I want in my operation in the future. The people who told me not to engage in that behavior and to stay away from places, people and investments, I would want to keep out of the news, away from the public: these are the people who I will go forward with, as I return to golf

It will be necessary for me to meet with the golf-kings and make them aware that my pass is in the pass, meaning, I have stopped the sinning and will pursue the winning. Another concern, is the media, in the pass, they prayed for me to get beat, and named a new golfer and hoped, he would defeat me in each tournament. That is also good for golf. Every time someone beat me, the media said I finally had a competitor, again, good for golf! However, I  am concern about the attitudes, someone said when I start my professional career, that I would not last two weeks on the golf tour. Yet, I have prevailed and every time someone beat me, they, the Golfers, never win, when I am not playing. And it is difficult for anyone to win twice when I am in the game.

Next POST, who is behind this Tiger take-down, And why?