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Family Business:Not Baby Sitting!

by James Jett

It seems like everything that can go wrong did go wrong so far into this business trip. The hardest to manager are three Grandchildren less than eight years old and a missing baby sitter. Nine days before Christmas the person providing child care left to go back to visit her family in Europe. I guess she was stopped on returning and had not enrolled in school. All I know is, I came with the understanding that all I would have to do is work on the business, help get the house ready for the holidays and prune the plants in the yard. My other assignment, because the two older ask me to take them to Sunday School each Sunday. Baby sitting was never discussed and surely not planned.
Yet I considered the circumstances their parents are in since both work, the mother, take the train from Princeton Junction, NJ to New York and the father can go to his office when he has a meeting or work at home. Both had heavy schedules at that time and needed someone to pitch in and help with the children. One in school full time, one for a half day and the three-year-old is home all day! Since I had been here for three months, I had a good feel for the training I would have to provide for them so I would have time to do my work, well the training is completed and my times at the tasks-at-hand are increasing daily. I am using this computer because the tea turned over and some got into my personal Notebook computer: this happen when I was trying to “pair” the Bluetooth ear peace with my cell phone and make sure it would work. When reaching for the phone, the phone bumped the cup spilling the tea and cooking the computer. We drained the water out and let the computer dry before storing it in the case until we can open it and commence the repairing process. The good news — we can repair it, and had planed to upgrade the memory and the hard drive next month anyway.
The last three days I have been home with two or three sick kids, all been to the doctor once, this is something I knew would happen, because it happen every time I come into this area. During the last ten years I bet I have talked with twenty difference doctors, at three hospitals for children, and that includes CHOP or Children Hospital of Philadelphia, about the infections in this area and all tell me it’s because so many people living here go back to the middle and far east or is visited by people from those countries bring the germs and infections that they are immune to while they make the natives miss school or work. After visiting the doctor for the second time, the sickness seem to last for three days they are back playing and in school. Now you know why I keep the value of a grandparent so high and demand total respect from both child and parent. Because for these Grandchildren we have answered the call and go the bus, train or plane to insure their care while the parent got an education or earned money to live in some of the best neighborhoods in this country. After providing all the love, care and concern, I end up poor and penniless! That is if you take away my personal positions (rings, watches, cloths and car) the house is gone, in a generation-skipping trust, that mean all my grandchildren own it now, by-passing the parents. Now I am discussing changes with the parent to determine if another layer is necessary because an adult child we know sued the surviving parent for a larger share of the estate! Something we all should be concerned about, and take some action to put a will and trust in place to protect the values we work so hard to acquire and maintain.