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Christians, United States: China

by James Jett

Christianity is growing in China with help from the government, this is what I heard at 4:am on BBC over NPR radio. BBC said the government paid twenty percent of the cost to build a church and feel that Christians bring stability to the community, or maybe they said, more stability to the country–it was four o’clock in the morning. Not only is China helping the Christians build churches, but leave the Christians to run the religious programs without other contact or supervision.

If this is true, China’s tolerant of Christians exceed that of the United States, we, Christians receive no support from the government and I hope we never need or expect aid from the government, just respect, leaving us to worship without anyone stopping us because we practice our faith. Yet, that occur more each day as tolerant for Christians decrease in the United States. Tolerant for Christians decrease, as Christian fear increase. Christians should make sure their action is right and legal and yield to no one. Personally I pray in secret, but will praise God any where.

Christians living in fear is disturbing , fear is a safety factor, a gift from God to man, that often time is the reason for being alive, but fear should be controlled.

This Fox News article confirm my believe

Reviewing  today’s news, you will think that the United States and Egypt oppose Christians and China embrace Christians because they make a more stable community.  Chinese Christians and none-Christians, in the US, are welcome and businesses, colleges and Think-tanks invite them to come to this country because they bring educational skills required to get this country up and running again. Mr. Gates, the Very rich owner of Microsoft want more than are presently allowed.

In the Protestant church my grandchildren attend, one floor is a Chinese church. they worship in a separate church until they can speak English. Membership over three hundred and increasing yearly, reinforce my thinking, that Chinese will become the greatest-race in the US in the near future.


Black Leaders, Class and Race

by James Jett

In Chicago, boys killing boys with everyone watching in present and on TV. I have seen very little concern from the people who claim they care. Where are Rev. Jackson, Rev. Sharpton and Mr. Crosby? Will President Obama meet in Chicago to stop the killings? Why, is the community so quite, they are not marching in the street, not many talking to the media, it is so quite, it seems as though nothing happened?
Screaming race, will not work in this case. It was Blacks killing Blacks! And, the student did not live in a rich neighborhood.
One of my associates says it because the student is black and poor Black families hate the intelligent members living in the community. I can believe that is the case, but I just don’t have any proof.
Class seems more likely when you consider how fast President Obama moved when his friend, Professor Gates cried race, when arrested at his home when he returned  from a trip to China.