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Granddaughters, Flags and Father’s Day!

by James Jett

Because it was Flag Day, Saturday I took three of my Grandchildren, All girls, ages seven to 13 to see The Boulevard of 500 Flags : “Quick Description: The Boulevard of 500 Flags started as a memorial to local veterans. After 911, a section was dedicated to honor those who fell that day. It includes 2 beams from the Trade Center, part of a lamp post, and granite pieces from the lobby.”
“Location: Ohio, United States”
Well actually it is located in Eastlake, OH in Lake County Oh. None of the building was open so we could not obtain any literature to read about the reason for the concerted effort in details. So we moved on to shop for food for this week and Pizzas for a pleasure meal together. Sausage, Cheese and Pine Apple pizza to eat and Root Beer and Ginger Ale to drink, we dug in and made a meal of it. The three ate and drank too much! It is not my fault. I told them to exercise self control. Once everyone could get up from the table and walk to the car, I drove them home and return to prune some of the Hedges around the house.

Sunday, Father Day, I was invated to dinner where they were preparing Leg of Lamb, I had to decline because I needed to get more work completed on the yard after being away for six months. Last fall I feed the trees, scrubs and flowers an increase amount of fertilizer by broadcasting it at least 12in.or more from the plants. Good for the plants, give them a fast start in the Spring. Looking at the weeds it seems to help the weeds more! Working yesterday, put me ahead of the games, as far as pruning and trimming is concern. Now I can get the transplanting and planting in the ground, next I will cut down unwanted trees for firewood, so it will be seasoned for the fire Place this Fall. Hopefully I can get this place in shape in the next sixty days.