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Christian, United States: India

by James Jett

In Northeast Ohio, the protestants church my grandchildren attend have Indians members as well as others Asians, what is true about the Chinese is mostly true about the Indians. In that both groups have found favor in the eyes of the established, and they are welcome with training, business, career and support. This became true to me in Cleveland VA Medical Center, in the hospital for three nights, the morning doctor visit is a team effort, in the team were three doctors of India descent.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer, in a story some years pass, said that the people of India was trying to gain some influence in Ohio politically, and was making progress because you didn’t see the state’s top-cop, Attorney General Betty Montgomery without a person of India descent present. In politics, that is the best procedure for any group seeking a seat at the table of government, so another “plus” for the people of India-descent in Northeast Ohio.

In a business meeting, one of the people seem to have a healthy desire for Ginseng, said he shop at Cleveland,s Asiantown on the Eastside of Cleveland, near downtown in a three or four block area. the Cleveland Plain Dealer said that the National City Bank, in the area, had a person that spoke mandarin to handle banking transactions. More clear that racial groups,or any group for that matter, that educate and train their children, go in business and have a safety-net for members needing help will not only prosper but enjoy most of life’s happiness. Anyone agreeing or disagreeing please read this article!


Christians Boycott: If Needed

by James Jett

The Tea party are mostly Christians, but most Christians are not members of the Tea Party, as least, not a declared member. Future growth for the Tea Party is possible, reaching numbers that could be the deciding factor in any State-wide election. Many of the people, like me, are independent, and have been all my voting life, and a Christian. Not many Tea Party members are Atheist, but I believe more none-Christians are in the Tea party, out numbering Atheist and other religions. (I could be wrong) Membership should increase as the tea party continue to educate the voters about the failure to keep promises made when running for political office, is the reason so many voters are looking elsewhere for candidate to vote for in state and national elections.

Voters, especially Black voters, may vote for a tea party candidate before they would vote for a republican. yes, that is right, because saying a candidate is a tea-party candidate predict a better result once elected. Member with middle-class income, blacks and Whites feel that the democrat and republican parties are own by the lobbyist. Twenty to thirty-five percent of black voters will vote for tea-party candidates if they maintain the same goals and purposes . You need proof? look at the votes in predominate blacks-neighborhoods in states like Ohio and California on culture and drugs. With fifteen percent of  black voters willing to vote for tea-party-candidates, added to the present committed votes, you could boycott, picket or vote for anyone you please. Wheeling the same type of pressure, as the unions and other special interest groups.

The last election proved that the Tea Party can make improvements in politics Now, education, communities and small businesses are the next concern. The free enterprise system can never give jobs for everyone unless some one start a  business. And starting a business in Lawn care. repair shops, parts stores and the much-needed computer, refrigerator and stove repair. Personally I believe you have an advantage if you learn to repair products, including computers and printers. before you start selling them in your business. (coming from experience) And you can start a joint venture with an exiting business that is well-known in the community.

When the Tea Party playing a role  and showing concern in education, business and training this nation will begin to progress. If the Tea Party ignore these three, we will know the tea party  will mimic the Democratic and Republican parties, pass laws and not enforced them, invite a foreign force to do work, the US are unwilling to pay citizens to do and sell their services to the lobbyists.

Votes and support for the Tea Party will grow, when voters  take part by participating in the planning and implementing, leaving integrating,  socializing and partying to each person. Integration, at best, is the plan of the detractors, those who believe success is reserve for their kind, and only their kind. It is probably a plan hatched by some college professor hell-bent on delaying the progress for low-income families, particularly  blacks. Integration mean you’ re present without any training, skills or education, just present, so the group can claim that they invite all races to meetings and other gathering. Participation means you are taking a part in the discussions, planning and implementing that result in benefits for everyone in the group. For these reasons, the government should not required integration

The government should pass laws that prohibit anyone from stopping, threaten or harassing anyone living, working and going in business, with people of a different race, religion or national origin. With any automatic find and jail time for anyone violating the law.


Posts, Comments and Regrets

by James Jett

Yes the name for this blog could imply that I will write a post or a page every day. If that is what you think when you read this blog or see it’s title, your thinking is correct I fully intend to write something every day, that is my plan, that is my purpose and my goals.  It just that, over the last six months things got a bit tough. Yes I know: “when the gone get tough, the toughs get going.” I am always willing, ready and determine to be the tough and prove it by getting the job or task accomplished in a reasonable time frame. Hopefully with results so impressive, the delay will seem like a part of getting the job done, and get the benefits in the hands of those that waited with patience for the rewards!

For instance, Just as I started to answer comments and write some posts about the process we call claims I got dumped on again by the wind blowing down trees and put part of the city where my grandchildren live in the dark for up to seven days. The next day my seven-year-old granddaughter became ill at school and the school could not reach her parents, another student’s father came to the school to bring his daughter and the teacher asked him to stop by my granddaughter house and tell her mother that she is sick and need to come home. My daughter picked up her seven year old and brought her to her granddad to care for while she picks up her two sisters from school. For the next three days I nursed her back to good health and on the fourth day she was back in school that Friday, and Saturday the mother and the three daughters celebrated with the granddad at dinner time.
Early this year before winter ended in Ohio the ice and wind blew a Blue Spruce tree down and half landed in the yard next door and the other half remained in this yard. Since I was out of town no one knew how to operate the chain saw so they call someone to cut the tree in three sections so the two men could move it of the property next door and leave it for me to clean up by cutting it for firewood and get a chipper and make mulch out of the small limbs.  Immediately, after calling someone to get the tree moved, they should have called the insurance company, because the way things work here in Ohio: if a tree on my property fall on your property, your insurance should pay for removing that tree. Yes, it was my tree, but it is on your property, so call your insurance man. After cleaning up the mess, I did just that and was told by my insurance company that I need to get the name of the companies that insure the property next door and submit the claim to them.  Being a person that tries to eliminate delays, I went and measure the tree and then the distance from the place where it stood to the tip of the top branch or crown. Just as I thought, half was on my property and the other half on the property next door. Now I must call my insurance and seek directions on how to determine the insurance company to submit the claim for tree removal expenses.