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Integrating or Race mixing

by James Jett

Other Blacks are not as fortunate as Juan Williams, when they meet a racially charge evaluations at he did at NPR. That prove, in my thinking— there is a God, and some good White folks in the world— for others, maybe Juan Williams was just lucky. Most of us would not have the ready support system Juan Williams enjoyed, ready to place us in a better and less hateful work environment. Yet, knowing that many Whites are getting a little tire of members of their race and some blacks, judging people totally on the “color of their skin, not the content of their character”.

This prove racism is in the boardrooms, backrooms and court rooms and the plan remain the same, educate as few Blacks as possible and let white men mimic the blacks as near as possible. Meaning, complete high school but let the white women do the heavy lifting in college, where they out number white men in accounting, medicine and law in some classrooms. I often ask, if intelligent is a trite of the White male what happen to college enrollment over the last thirty years? And why are some of the worlds largest firms recruiting employees from oversea while the white college graduate are looking for jobs. Secondly, why are so many white men walking around without a college degree and living below Middle class standard in the greatest country in history.Last, why are so many black men  saying that you are acting “ white” if you pursue your educational goals as a good student and not a failure. If this is true, integration have worked its wonders for the people hell-bend on (integrating) and stopping the Black man‘s progress. I don’t believe a single member of the Little-Rock-Nine will say they were acting “white” when they enrolled at that school and completed their high school education. James Meredith enrolled at Ole Miss and earned a degree, no one said he was acting white. Charlene Hunter and Hamilton Holmes enroll at the University of Georgia, no one said they were acting white. I attended high school and college at night, in high school, the first twelve months in a class with all  Black veterans in 1954-55. Not a single person in that class ever said they were acting white.

Glen Beck is going when we need him? He should research this “acting white” thing, I am sure he would learn that some committee said “we need to stop the black man from getting an education or we will end up competing with them for jobs,  ownership of sports team and managing entertainers, get the word out, they are acting white”.


Juan Williams: A Happy Negro?

by James Jett

Today, I had to stop my work to watch Juan Williams on Bill O’Reilly’s Show. My reason for watching, I wanted to see the man that called Warren a happy Negro on CNN and hear what Mr. Williams had to say about being called a “happy Negro.” As expected he made it clear that he has done and is doing many good things in his efforts to provide information that will inform those people that see the need to support the Black Communities, in planning and providing to improve the well being of the people living in those neighborhoods. He has published books on the subject and talked about the needs of Black Americans as long as I have been listening and watching him. So his conversation with Bill O’Reilly about the statements made by Bill at dinner with Rev. Sharpton about Black restaurants and concerts, that lead some to imply that Bill O’Reilly made a racial statement, prompted the man “on CNN” to call Mr. William a happy Negro.
Because I watch Juan Williams every Sunday and have listened to him on radio over the years, I know I agree with him about 50 percent of the time. Here I agree with Juan Williams 100 percent and will continue to watch him each Sunday. The other man, well, I rather watch a capable, well informed Happy Negro, and will work hard to avoid those that appear angry, because angry people can sometime, do harm, to other human beings. See Juan and Bill O’Reilly: Here