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My Son Called the Police on Me!

by James Jett

Why did my son call the police on me? On April 14, 2008, I had an appointment to see a doctor for physical exam and blood work, the night before the appointment my son told me to use his GPS system because it would be helpful in locating the building where the VA Outpatient Clinic in Trenton, NJ is located. We charged the battery overnight and the next morning I plugged the power cord into the cigarette lighter and started on my appointment. The unit should show the image on the screen, of the road you are traveling on, as you come to an Intersection, it will tell you to turn right or lift if you need to make a turn. For the first six miles it worked well, then the screen went dark, about two miles later I needed to make a right turn, the screen lite up and a voice said “prepare to turn right in half a mile” and went back to sleep. On the printed plan I left at home, I should leave the Freeway at Lalor street, but the GPS unit let me pass without making a sound! I started to take Lalor anyway and ignore the unit but again it could be taking a shorter route and save me time and money. Down the road for two miles, no right-turn toward the Trenton Outpatient Clinic. I turned back as soon as I could make a left-turn into the lane leading back to Lalor, run into road construction and delayed for an hour. I need to make a left U-turn to get to the other side of the highway, ran into a toll booth, had to pay .76 cents, the man at the booth told me to make an U-turn coming back toward the toll booth I could exit right go under the bridge and come up on Lalor, not possible because the construction had the road blocked? I made a right turn and started back toward home.

Now I am really too late to make it to the doctors’ office, so I started mapping, all I mean by mapping is, when I go to an area and drive four miles, turn right after every four miles and you will end up at or near your starting point, making an imperfect square. Then you repeat it for eight miles, giving you a small square inside a large square. In that square, people live, stores operated and sadly crimes are committed. This is what I did when I came to Cleveland, OH to go to school and get a job. I notice that the buses go North and South on some routes and East and West on the other routes. If you look out the windows, you can see the neighborhoods change, going in one direction they get better and the yards are well care for on the entire street. The bus route makes a square, enclosing the neighborhoods and the people living in them. At work, in the barber shops and when you are sitting and chatting with friends or neighbors we talked about the best places to live, where to buy a home when we get a down payment saved. Almost everyone knows where not to live and the community to stay away from when looking for a home and crime was the major reason, people would avoid those communities. As I looked for a place to buy or build my home, I started putting dots in those squares as police reports stated on the nightly news the number of crimes committed and the number of people injured or died. As the dots filled in the space you could readily see the area to avoid when considering a place to buy a home or for that matters start a business. Using information from mapping helped me to find, and now live, in the best and safes and cleanest cities in the world. I am sure someone will disagree, but I told the Plain Dealer Reporter something similar when he called me, I can remember, ten or twenty years ago. I recall, the article started on the front page.

I was on the right street heading home: My phone ringed “I am a police, your son called, he is afraid you are loss or something has happened to you” Officer I am not loss, I am Mapping (now that I think about it, telling the Police Officer that, is the reason he asks me to stay put until my son come and get me) Office I am now aware of the fact that very few people living in this area know anything about it! The police agreed, “you are right” he said. “Mr. Jett, stay on the line, while I call your son”: the three of us talked for a second, as I tried to convince them that I was on my way home and had received the information from a traveling salesman. “What street are you on now Mr. Jett?” the policeman asked, I can’t see a street name from this location I am in a little shopping center and all I see is the name of one store, I pulled in here when my phone ringed, wait until I cross the street and ask the people at the service station the name of this street. I will be back on the phone as soon as I get a cross the street. Once I pull into the service station, I stopped the car in front of the machine used to put air into the tires. Got out off the car left the door ajar and went to ask the Manager of the service station the name of the street. One of the workers points me to the Manager and I went out to the pumps to ask the question, what street is this? . As I approached, he was having a business discussion with a customer. It seemed it would take a while so I went to the car to close the door because someone may need air and fail to see the door to my car is opened. Once I closed the door, I realized my keys are in the car with the motor running. No way you can open that car without keys without help and even then you may damage the car getting the doors opened. On the phone the police said he wanted to call me back in a couple minutes, but stay by my phone and don’t leave the area because my son is getting ready to come and get me as soon as I tell him (the police officer) my street location. When the officer called back, the Manager was free for me to ask if this street will take me to Windsor the manager confirmed that I am on the right road home. What he could have said “this is the Old Trenton Road and the Police Officer, My son and I would have known that the street would take me almost to my door. I explained to the police that my keys are locked in my car with the motor running and I need to call my son and asks him to bring the other set of keys to my car! The police officer said “Mr. Jett you will have to wait for your son now, but don’t leave your car your son is on the way.” “Put the Manager on the phone let me talk with him.” When I walked over to the Manager and told he, the police want to talk to you he changed in every way possible and slowly reached for the phone! After the police talked with him, he seemed to understand it was all about me, and my less-than intelligent acts, and nothing about him or the station. I can tell you that as I approached the Service Station and asked for the Manager it did cross my mind “these people are all American, law-abiding upright citizens” but they look like people who come to this country illegally so I understand how they could wonder why you would stop in the station talk on the phone and walk over to them and say the police want to speak with you.

My son arrived, I climb into the vehicle and as my son stated “you was only seven miles away” the phone ringed and the police said “I am back, Mr. Jett and did your son get there yet” Yes I said we are on our way to get the keys and return to get my car. “Very good” he said, and I thanked him and the entire Windsor Police Department for having Police Officers that is concern with the well fare of the people that are just trying to do a job and obey the law and live life as decent human beings. I dashed into the house and got the key pad for Keyless entry, returned to the car, I press the button and the car doors unlocked. My son reach into the car turned the power cord to the GPS system and it came on and said “turn left” thus, I learned that some spot in the cigarette lighter is dead or short of power.