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My Dead Computer is Alive!

by James Jett

My dead computer came back to life three weeks ago, no, I don’t know why or how all I know is every so often I would take it out off the case and push the button, and when I was sure it was still dead or asleep I would put it back and get back to the tasks at hand. No one had attempted to repair it, the only work done on it to limit the damage, was taken the day I spilled the tea into the back and side of the bottom part of the computer, so I drained the water out and put it over the air vent to dry. Each time I tried to boot it, Nothing would occur, no light, no sound, nothing at all!

So about three weeks ago my Grandchildren parents went South to a wedding and I stayed here to get the downed tree of the yard and get rid of some of the weeds. The day before they left my daughter asked me if the stores carried a cord to run the computer from the car’s cigarette lighter, and I said yes and she went out to go get the cord, I remembered she did not ask about the price so I decided to call a store and ask the price because she would call me and ask if the price on the box was a good price for the cord and I would ask the repair department to guess-to-mate the price to repair my tea-drowned computer, took it out of the case put it on the table hooked it up pressed the button and it booted looked for the world like a brand-new computer. My job now, I thought, is to test it and determine if it will require major repair work before I can press it back into service. Here are the only problems I have discovered by running it 24/7 for the last three weeks. When I use the keyboard, I get these errors when I press these keys. I am leaving the errors so you can see them. Th6is is wh6at h6appen wh6en you type on my computer th6at stop working after I spilled tea into th6e back left corners. Wh6en I press th6e w key (Find and Replace) dialog box pop up, press th6e f key and th6e (Insert Image Clipart) pops up, and I cannot make a dash6. As you can see wh6en, I press h, I get h6, for it to make since I took th6e six out with6 th6e backspaces, wh6ich6 will work sometime. Th6e good news is? Wh6en I test th6e computer each6 day. I cannot find problems any wh6ere else, just. Th6e keyboards will h6ave to be replaced.By the way, no word presser will correct the spelling, not Microsoft Work, or word, WordPerfect will not correct the spelling. The program that will correct all the errors is a program I use to compile information and have it all in one place and that program is EverNote.
This enables me to use the computer because it is three times faster than the other desktop and Notebook computer I am using as a substitute most of the time.
Here is what the smart people are saying: the keys in question can be reprogrammed to do what they are suppose to do, that is, make the letter it is designed to make. Another line of thinking is getting the recovery disk from the manufactory ($14.00) and I can run it and not have to reinstall all my software! And, of course, I can format the hard drive, reinstall all my software and it should be like new again. For some reason it seems to work better each passing day, for instance, the backspace will not remove the number 6 from the letter h unless I press it for a long time, but if I press it to long it deletes the entire word. Me, I am just happy to have it back in service and not showing any signs that it will malfunction some day. While typing this post on the other notebook, I am loading twenty CDs of various types of music onto my Notebook, all the stuff I like to hear and listen to as I work, because my CD player in the radio stops halfway through the CD for some unknown reason, so this will be my backup CD Player and TV daily.