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President Obama: Rev. Wright’s Church

by James Jett

Last week my driver informed me that I had been to Rev. Wright’s Church, that President Obama attended when he was living in Chicago. He got elected to the President of the United States of America, and move to his new home in Washington, where he live in the White House with his family.  I visited Rev. Wright’s church, because a member invited me and my son, the driver, drove us to the church.  No, Rev. Wright did not preach that Sunday. A Young man, Rev Wright;s protegé,  said a few words after Rev. Wright covered some Church business. The young man, well dressed in a gray suit, after being introduce by Rev. Wright said a few words about traveling and making sure you stay on the right path.

Church attendance, for me, is as an invited guest, on trips, on vacation and visiting  family members in six States. Only one church visit in my city in the last fifteen or more years, on the fifty year anniversary. At the end of the service a man insulted me when he greeted my wife. I  spoke to a Deacon about it. After investigating he decide the man is not a member of the church and no one know who he is or where he came from. The church had split and a new Minster was on board, so every one was inviting people to come to the church, including me.

A member of the church that Rev. Wright Pastor, invited me to attend church with them that Sunday. It was an opportunity to attend church with like-minded people, all there to praise God. The church was a short distant from the clean well care-for lawns in the neighborhood where I was staying. The Church, at 532 W. 95th Street, Chicago IL  60628-1196. a short ten minute drive. After church service my driver drove pass Rev Jackson house, no grass on the lawn at that time just a small scrub, maybe and Azalea . I understand, the Reverend is away from home a lot, but anyone could take care of that small lawn. Looking out his front door up on a small hill, you see a green oases. From Rev Jackson we drove pass the house where Muhammad Ali, the great heavyweight boxer, once lived. All total, not a bad neighborhood.

I have my own Christian assignment, visiting other churches, visiting neighborhoods with more than one church, and looking at the life people live in those neighborhoods. some of the worst killings and other crimes occur in the neighbors with the greatest number of churches.  Dogs, cats and other animals receive better training and care than some of the Children attending schools in those neighborhoods where two, three, five or more churches are  located, within walking distance away from the church ground.  Neighborhoods that have been slums since the Korean  War, others have slowly deteriorated into unsightly conditions. Last month, I drove pass my old neighborhood in Cleveland, almost all the streets are looking more like housing where slum dwellers live. The decline started and I moved out fifteen miles into another county. Manly because the school system was failing my Children, at least the two that were old enough to enroll in the Sixties. The update is, that school is a beautiful brand-spanking-new school now with houses removed making space for playgrounds. The new school is a good start, but the needs for improvement in learning stay. It is difficult, if not impossible to learn when the streets in the community is unsafe and the school system teaching is far  less effective than training programs for dogs. As I drove through the neighborhood on my way to visit my cousin and returned looking down the street toward 3663 East 143rd Street, I could see much deterioration from neglect. It made me aware that I made a good decision to buy land and build a house for my children in a neighborhood that would be mostly new homes with intact families, safe, well-kept lawns with property values increasing yearly.

Property values is every home-owners concern, because every increase in property value is an increase in your net worth. Property value decrease when  owners fail to take care and upkeep the house and lot. Nothing is worse than a bad neighbor in a good community, unsightly, unwanted bantering from people who  think that give them the right to block your driveway. Just when you think you have made a good move and can have some peace of mind now that you have you, or you and your family in an above average  neighborhood, some one move in across the street that behave  like and uncivilized, untrained and unschooled wild person.


My Comments on Christians, Behaviors

by James Jett

You are a nice person, in fact, a kind person: because you thanked me for my thoughts. Personally, I crave kindness, and when I receive it I applaud it.

I would never tell you to do any thing, suddenly not attempt to influence your thoughts and believe. My intentions were to respond to your opened-post, not to disagree or agree with you.

You say it is convenient for me to believe in God. It is not convenient for me to disagree with you, but I must, because it is not true. I believe in God because I control my will, and I will to believe in the God that made everything I can see, feel, hear, taste or smell, and the things that are not visible or audible to me. I choose to believe, no one on earth or in the earth can make me believe. My belief, is my-own-freewill!

Your reply to my comment, seem to assume that I was talking to you, yes that is true, but only to the extent that you are apart of the human race. Verily, I was talking to the hold world. I was answering the sign at the top of your post that said “THERE’S PROBABLY NO GOD. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” because, since you were on the Internet, I could talk to all mankind and it would be there for all to read as long as they have access to the Internet. An opportunity to comment, I just could not pass up. Why did I feel the urge, the need or compelled to respond? Because you did not ask me, you posted it on your blog, I read it and my thoughts came to me, here you can tell the world that you are a Christian and everybody that know me know that I am a Christian and will be till the end of time. Firing squads, Hangman-noose or angry mob surrounding the house could not make me a denier, by saying that I am not a Christian. No one is required to read your blog. All including me click on it with their own freewill. It’s your blog, you published the content you wished to publish, anyone disagreeing could so state, anyone agreeing could make that known also.

I was responding to your post, not you, just your post it was an opportunity to exercise an equal right to comment on something I disagreed with, not a person or thing, but a statement and I believe that the statement was untrue. Totally aware that just because I deemed the statement  untrue doe not prove it is, in fact, untrue. The urge to respond was the word PROBABLY, a red flag of doubt to me and an open invitation to put in my two-cent worth. Under normal daily encounters I do not tell a person or people in my presence that I am a Christian unless they ask me. People should know I am a Christian by being in my presence for a short time. Because I should model my life as a Christian by the way, I act in the presence of other human beings. My core values should tell others that I am a Christian. Let me be clear and careful here, and emphasize that I am not talking about a type of church nor a denomination, I am talking about my beliefs and behavior as a human being. Thoughts and actions that I control all day, every day, ok (all almost every day). Actions that I control, how I talk about the facts recorded in the Bible with Baby Christians, meaning people on the milk of the Word, not the meat of the word. Baby Christians are best, in a setting where they can learn when discussing the Holy Bible, not in a debate with an unbeliever. For instance, I don’t support many things that the churches are adopting, these days, because I feel the church is slowly drifting away from what the Bible tells Christians to do and how we should treat each other. The best example, we should love one-another. Do this first and the rest will be easy. The Pastor at a church in Alabama said “the church is a Haven for sinners, not a hotel for the saved” Today, in some Churches sinners are not welcome. Those who disagree should read your Bible, if you fail to see it in the Bible, leave me a comment and I will give you the locations where you can find the same meaning. Better yet, ask your Bible teacher or your Pastor.

God IS Love