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Christians Boycott: If Needed

by James Jett

The Tea party are mostly Christians, but most Christians are not members of the Tea Party, as least, not a declared member. Future growth for the Tea Party is possible, reaching numbers that could be the deciding factor in any State-wide election. Many of the people, like me, are independent, and have been all my voting life, and a Christian. Not many Tea Party members are Atheist, but I believe more none-Christians are in the Tea party, out numbering Atheist and other religions. (I could be wrong) Membership should increase as the tea party continue to educate the voters about the failure to keep promises made when running for political office, is the reason so many voters are looking elsewhere for candidate to vote for in state and national elections.

Voters, especially Black voters, may vote for a tea party candidate before they would vote for a republican. yes, that is right, because saying a candidate is a tea-party candidate predict a better result once elected. Member with middle-class income, blacks and Whites feel that the democrat and republican parties are own by the lobbyist. Twenty to thirty-five percent of black voters will vote for tea-party candidates if they maintain the same goals and purposes . You need proof? look at the votes in predominate blacks-neighborhoods in states like Ohio and California on culture and drugs. With fifteen percent of  black voters willing to vote for tea-party-candidates, added to the present committed votes, you could boycott, picket or vote for anyone you please. Wheeling the same type of pressure, as the unions and other special interest groups.

The last election proved that the Tea Party can make improvements in politics Now, education, communities and small businesses are the next concern. The free enterprise system can never give jobs for everyone unless some one start a  business. And starting a business in Lawn care. repair shops, parts stores and the much-needed computer, refrigerator and stove repair. Personally I believe you have an advantage if you learn to repair products, including computers and printers. before you start selling them in your business. (coming from experience) And you can start a joint venture with an exiting business that is well-known in the community.

When the Tea Party playing a role  and showing concern in education, business and training this nation will begin to progress. If the Tea Party ignore these three, we will know the tea party  will mimic the Democratic and Republican parties, pass laws and not enforced them, invite a foreign force to do work, the US are unwilling to pay citizens to do and sell their services to the lobbyists.

Votes and support for the Tea Party will grow, when voters  take part by participating in the planning and implementing, leaving integrating,  socializing and partying to each person. Integration, at best, is the plan of the detractors, those who believe success is reserve for their kind, and only their kind. It is probably a plan hatched by some college professor hell-bent on delaying the progress for low-income families, particularly  blacks. Integration mean you’ re present without any training, skills or education, just present, so the group can claim that they invite all races to meetings and other gathering. Participation means you are taking a part in the discussions, planning and implementing that result in benefits for everyone in the group. For these reasons, the government should not required integration

The government should pass laws that prohibit anyone from stopping, threaten or harassing anyone living, working and going in business, with people of a different race, religion or national origin. With any automatic find and jail time for anyone violating the law.


Family Business: American Problems!

by James Jett

I am starting to get the feeling that I am like a ship’s Captain that has been toed out in the water far enough so that I can turn the ship and head in the direction I planed before learning that I would become a part time baby sitter for three of my grandchildren; because the baby sitter could not return from the Christmas holidays in Europe. Each time they discussed the vacation in my present I would consider the return trip and the immigration problems in this country. Later it would have saved me a lot of time that I could have used to get this Blogging and my business site up to par, or at least post daily in one of the blogs, if I had asked the question, are you sure the school records are up to date? One thing I am sure of and that is we cannot reverse the decision: so it’s enrolling in school or get another visa to visit or work.
Although I read and listen to discussions about the immigration and visas problems as they report the whole operation as a complete failure, beyond that, I know very little about the process. All I know is the hold process is unfair, illegal and unsafe for our country and it citizens. Illegal Aliens are being pushed ahead of the people that came here legally. Consider the added criminal element that is crossing the border every day equipped with weapons comparable to our military. Determine to continue drug trafficking and bring humans to this country to be semi enslaved for the best part of their lives. Increase cost in caring for the sick, the wounded, add to that the uneducated, the lazy and the untrained and you are looking at a bankrupt nation in the next 20 years. Some examples: over the last 12 months I have driven through and crisscross some of the poor and uneducated neighborhoods in the United States of America, stopping at service stations only when other people were getting gas to ask directions. When I didn’t need gas, I would stop at a fire station or ask the police for directions. Now I am convinced that the elected and appointed officials are not telling the citizens in those cities the truth about the decade of low life styles these people have lived years in and years out. When speaking about the plight of the poor and uneducated in these communities, I hear words like “a few of our citizens are yet in need of our help so they can feed their family and plan for a better future” The person making that statement know as well as I do, or better, that some of these people are not using the aid provided to help feed their families, they are spending it on illegal drugs and alcohol. How do you think they get money to purchase the illegal drugs and alcohol, from the tooth fairy? Yes I know they acquire some money from stealing and robbing their neighbors and sometime do jail time for those crimes.
Some of my children and grandchildren’s grandparents and some cousins used alcohol as their drug-of-choose and gambling as their other sinful behavior. They both are equal destroyers and at time twice as deadly as illegal drugs. Too correct or change any bad habits will require a willingness to change our bad behaviors by getting an education, cleaning up our life style and maintaining a safe and healthy community environment. This can be accomplished by demanding equal protection from law enforcement, schools that teach us to read, write and understand math, and a life style devoted too changing and improving our laws by voting for elected officials and working with others concern citizens that will tolerate no criminal behavior in the neighborhood.


Get Paid For Unwanted Phone Calls?

by James Jett

Just who do we think we are? Calling people that we have never met and really care, nothing about their well-being, we just want to sell them something or ask them to send money to a fund or charity that we work for or receive money as aid or support. If it’s a person we met once or twice we feel free to call them any time and stay on the phone for hours if they will let, talking about something that will benefit us but probably be no help to them. The only reason you are calling this person in the first place is because you bought their name from a company or person that sell phone lists. Once they use the list, it\’s mixed with some other names and sold, well, rented to another person and they call that person and put them through the same time-wasting, life consuming efforts of responding to you or ignoring you while the phone ring!
I receive at least ten of these calls per day — well it\’s down to five now — because I will not answer calls if the (caller ID) show no name or number, (or just) private, unavailable, and sometimes only the number is visible. Even if you have the number you cannot find the name of the person that\’s calling you. I called the phone company and they told me it was a computer making the calls and they could not give me the name of the person that owned the computer, when I asked why not, they said it could be a firm or private business. On one call I talked with a nice woman and I told her that she was talking to the wrong person I do not buy storm windows for the house I live in that’s someone else\’s responsibility, she said her company bought the list. Wouldn’t your company make sure the names on the list at least owned the home or building that might need windows? She stated that she didn’t know because she just makes the calls, “that’s why they pay us big money for making the calls.” She also told me that she didn’t pick the phone up until someone answers on the other end.
After speaking with her I could decide who sold or rented my name to them, it started with me donating money to a candidate running for state office and he got defeated and they raised money by selling the lists of donors. Now I understand why you and I get all these phone calls. Most and in my case all (unwanted) phone calls. Yet everybody gets paid but us. I am going to work to change that, because we should get paid, after all, we not only answer the phone we give the service by making the monthly payments for the phone service. So here is my plan, to put at least three cents per call in each one of our pocket every month. Every call we receive, is paid  at the agreed to rate. This will be easy for the phone company to calculate because we will give a list of numbers that can call us, everybody else will be paying customers. We could opt to have the service fee credit to our phone bill or wired to our bank account quarterly. Since all calls are considered, all call must pay, we can opt to answer or not answer, the fee will be the same. Sure I will develop the details before I talk to the legislators about drawing up the enabling legislating. I know it will work because both family member and I receive $5. each time we complete a survey, every time it\’s a new unused bill. So I can assure you this will work or at least stop the rich from getting richer while the poor answer the phones. And yes I am aware that there are other people working on a similar plan maybe we will join forces!