Christians Out: Sins IN

by James Jett
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Convinced that a large segment of the population want us to violate every sin listed in the bible. Engage in sex in the street like dogs, Invade churches and make demand when the church publish it stand against sins. Some are planning violence if intimidation fails. Their goal is to get (Christian, not religion) out of the United States, for ever. I have monitored the last forty years and noticed that the incidents are increasing.

An example, in a businessmen club, we meet at noon every Thursday. If you arrive late from the office due to traffic and get to the meeting, on time, but last. The President will greet you by name and ask you to bless the food. About thirty years ago, I walked in the door and asked to bless the food. At the end of the blessing, I said “in Jesus name”. Yes, I was aware that others blessed the food by starting with “Lord bless this food “——and not, “in Jesus name”, at the end, no problem.

After the meeting I walked out the room and a lawyer was waiting, (also a member) and he said, as I looked at him looking at me, “I want to ask you a question” I said “yes” and he said “why do you always say JESUS when you bless the food, it is insulting to me. I looked at him and asked, “do you believe in God? He answer”yes” or maybe he said “of course” I said “you serve your God the way that please you, and I will serve my God to please Him.”This is not unusual behavior: Christians can not pray in public even if they are in the park assembly for fellowship. Some people question your right to wear a Cross on your Lapel. And it is very easy to find your self in a group and be asked to leave if you quote the Bible or said Lord or Jesus.

Is this the beginning of prosecution? Ask your Church Leaders or read the Bible to get the answer you are please with. For me, the answer is yes, and it will grow increasingly until we take action to stop it. How can we stop it? With the power we process as Christians, the power of pray, the power to assembly with contact via the internet, With the power of money, “the total income of American church-goers is $5.2 trillion” (That’s more than five thousand billion dollars) “it would take just a little over 1 percent of the income of American Christians to lift the poorest one billion people in the world out of extreme poverty”. (I Google it)

In meeting, some say Christians are too meek to take action, maybe true, but let me tell you what I believe. Meekness is power under control: Jesus Christ was Meek, yet he control the sea, sickness everything. Other say we (Christians) are afraid: fear is a safety factor a gift from God to men, that often time is his reason for being alive. But fear should be controlled. God did not give me a spirit of fear!







Your Car, Your Gun or Both

by James Jett

The large number of people demanding the country enact gun control so we can finally stop killing ourselves and other. Probable well-meaning, concern citizens, looking out for the safety of others living  in this country. Aware of a willing media, they demand that the city, state and federal government pass laws banding or controlling  guns, special, hand guns.

Consider the following statistics:


Homicide with a firearm: 17,343

Death by accidental discharge of firearm: 721

And roughly 5000 deaths from legal interventions (I.E. Police shooting)

Car death: About 115 people die every day in vehicle crashes in the United States There were 2.9 million injuries and 42643 people  killed in auto accidents.

These  statistics remind me of the  times I have pass an automobile, bus or truck accident on the road and later hear, on the news that a number of people killed and the other people  unharmed. And I remember, all my life I have heard very few reports about people dying from gun shots. At car accidents the media rush to the scene to get picture and interview the kin of the died and  survivals.

Weather is a cause,  in some car accidents, going on or returning from a trip, can become a hazy if the snow fall, is accompanied by ice and or wind. One car, two cars or several autos  involved in a multi-car pile-up, with many lives at risk without trying to harm or kill anyone. You could say, having a car and using i,t endanger lives and is a threat every time  we get behind the wheel. You can have two, six and ten car pile-ups reported each year. but seldom hear of a shootout involving three or more gunman, in equal occurrence. If you must blame the gun, you sure blame the Cars also.  Vans, Pickups–oh and the all-powerful SUV, is the cause of more unwanted pregnancies, broken marriages and untimely deaths than all the guns used in the Korean War.  (my opinion, public)

My answer to both problems, teach  the citizens gun safety and better driving skills and restrict the cars to pleasure trips only. All trips to work and shop, will be fast trains and feeder buses, to parking lots, in each neighborhood, where small cars are waiting to take you safely home.

In addition, train and educate your children, I say train, because you can have educated fools.Support and demand that the school system in your community is educating not indoctrination.

Lives, money, human-fatigue and  time  saved would more than pay for the public transportation and save lives.


Comments and Business

by James Jett

Yes,  WordPress is a wonderful systems to blog and get others to comment on your Blog or Page about your post or about your “what ever”. All done without advertising or sales.

You can tell what your role in life entails and how you got in that wonderful mess. And how you plan to get out, if you don’t become addicted and make it apart of your daily life. Or start to think about earning money with this new-found fame. All that is a good thing and when I reach that point I will attempt to study it, to understand it, and monetize it, so I can become wealthy live on the beach and pay someone to blog for me.

Some of the comments (now by the hundreds) posted on my Blogs daily is spam.  Before deleting them I study to decide how you can possible earn money from a comment on my Blogs? After I complete the study I slowly drop them, if the comment is about selling and not about what we are discussing on that post.

Maybe we agree, at least we can agree to thank Word Press for having a place on the web that make it possible to get known worldwide and decide that this could be away to improve my standard of living.


The Right to Use Bullshit

by James Jett

In conversations in the pass, when someone say something incorrect or have no benefit in the discussion, I would answer Bullshit. Meaning your words have nothing to do with the conversation we are having presently. Many times, someone in the group will take issue with the word, and tell me that intelligent people know better retorts.

The word was never used loosely, just when I would need an answer to better understand the speaker and instead of answering my question they utter more bullshit.  Like all words, the word cause change in the meeting, people become more exact in the statements and answers and the people and the organization reaped the benefits. The need to use the word decreased and “stop dodging the question” will get the discussion by on track. And I feel good about that, although I only used the word twice in my life, I only needed to think it, and the meeting provided a better understand.

Years later,   justification came when a Professor (I don’t  remember her name) was on TV promoting her book and she said the word, talked about how a man in Germany or England had asked her to debate him because he argue that the Holocaust did not occur and she said she refused to debate that Bullshit. (I agree) She said she talked with another Professor, a man, and he told her to use the word when it applies. And oh-by-the-way the book was selling well, but she had already promised all proceeds would go to the college.

Bull-shit: The American Heritage Dictionary: B.S.  1.foolish, insolent talk, nonsense v.

When I listen to the politics  to-day and media trying to get the answer they prefer, not the answer the person give, its make me wonder, is this helpful or just bull-shit?

Bill O”Reilly rebutted Spike Lee when Mr. Lee said that violent crime in America is the worst in the world, by sighting the eight years stats. For two-day, I search the media to  hear anyone questioning Mr. Tavis Smiley who said that Christian kill people everyday, implying  that the death ratio is the same between Christians and Muslim. Geraldo interview Tavis, but asked him nothing about that statement. It seem people can come on TV and make statement and no one will challenge them if the statement is untrue. unless you are listening to The O’Reilly Factor, on at 8pm, weekdays here in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

My conclusion, it’s a lot of bull-shit



by James Jett
Spike Lee: about violent crime in America!

In the Blog, Spike Lee, Tavis Smiley:Christians killings, I questions the statements both men gave on TV when talking with Bill O’Reilly, in Spike case, and Tavis Smiley  made his remarks on his own show. The links will get you back to that Blog, In future posts, I will learn and report the facts about both subjects, violent crimes in the America and Christians killings being equal to that of Moslems.

I am posting videos late because locating them and learning to upload them require skill and know-how, which I have in abundant  when compared with an Ape. no insult to Apes intended.



by James Jett

The elected and the voters are parting ways again. This time after the voters made the largest changes in Congress in history. Republicans will take over the congress, and enjoy gains in the Senate. Realizing they are in office because the people in the Tea-party wanted to see change in the makeup of the Congress. “Change that we can all believe in.”

It is obvious, that the newly elected to the congress, know and appreciate the result of the last election, giving majority rule to the Republican party. Most of the congressman that is up for election in 2012, will  be aware of the wishes of the members elected with help from the Tea-party. Commitments made to lobbyist and special interest groups will have to pass musters with the newly elected, or receive opposition if they fail to do so.

The Tea-party, show ability to get out the vote and field candidates that would receive wide support. And the Illegal-alien-movement. (I see them as a movement) All through better organized, enjoyed less success, and failed to increase the number of elected Senators and Congressman that will vote for most of their agenda. Two destiny groups, each promise they will control this country in the future. It is clear to me, the Hispanics are in the lead, with the Tea-party working to catch up. The 2010 election showed that the Tea-party had nation-wide appeal, while the Hispanic are strong in pockets, many pockets, people willing to help them, churches willing to support them, businesses giving them jobs and governments changing the laws so they can stay in this country and grow in numbers able to rule this nation. It’s just a dream, when the Hispanics talk about ruling the United States of America, it’s just a dream–not impossible, but just a dream! The Tea-party will succeed, unless they lack the will to get the job done.

Present polls and independent reviews, show that the government can’t run any thing successfully. Pot-holes in the cities, damage automobiles,’ and cost’s, thousands of dollars for repairs. Highways and freeways repaired in one year, is in need of repair the next year in the same spot! Buying licensing and plates is a pain, when you tell them your car is the same one you bought the license for last year and they ask you what make or model at the same time they are looking at your title.

Any poll, any review and talk with the citizens, will show, a small government is the best government. Large government benefits lobbyists and elected officials, while costing us more in taxes and time, because of slow lines and paper work.



by James Jett

The shooting in Tucson, Arizona, by a mad or insane person, that killed six people and left 13 other wounded, including Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Gifford, cause me to think about the people involved in the post I wrote about Jesus and John The Baptist.

It seem like many crazy or insane people was, unfortunately, living doing the 33 years Jesus Christ taught on this earth. Starting with King Herod the Great,  King of the Jews  in Judea under the Roman Empire. Herod worried about a threat to his power and authority from the new King, he heard rumors about – a baby. Herod tasked every one to find the baby,  no luck, because the child’s parents had taken him to Egypt.  When all efforts failed to located the child, Jesus Christ, Herod ordered all babies killed ,two years and under in Judea.

This is disturbing, when you consider todays circumstances, where people in the highs power of the government and crazy citizens are at odes because power and authority, is at the apex of the debate.  Jesus, nor any one following him later, wanted to usurp Herod’s power or authority. Yet, this King, out of fear, panic, like a brain-dead Cobra, and kill all the male babies under two years old.

Jesus Christ and John the Baptist are Cousins, Jesus is the younger, John the Baptist is older by six months. Almost at birth a member of Herod’s family try to kill a member of Jesus family. Within thirty-three year a member of King Herod the Great,s family order the beheading of John the Baptist and  the orders came from Herod Antipas, a son of Herod the Great.  you notice (all of them are name Herod?)  Herod Antipas divorced his first wife Phasaelis, the daughter of King Aretas IV of Nabatean. In favor of Herodias, who had formerly  been married to his brother Herod Phillip 1. According to the New Testament Gospels,  John the Baptist’s condemnation of this arrangement that caused Antipas to have him arrested.

Herodias, the wife of one brother, former wife of the other brother. Philip the Tetrarch, married his niece Salome, the daughter of Herodias. The Herod family married each other and is the people in charge when at least, two members of Jesus Christ’s family,  killed by hanging on a cross or by beheading.

In my long life on this earth, I have talked about Jesus, and the fact that his own people rejected him when they could have selected a guilty criminal to die. These people had witnessed Pontius Pilate washing his hands of Jesus and reluctantly send him to his death. And Jesus did not conspire against Rome, so Herod Antipas, the Tetrarch, also finds nothing treasonable in Jesus’  actions.

Less conversation about John the Baptist, but every time you are in a group and some one want to praise you for a good deed,” you acting like John the Baptist”, meaning, you are doing good and helping people. Higher praise if you abstain from sex, whiskey and bar fight. So at a young age we knew that John the Baptist was innocent because he committed no crimes. Herod did not want to behead John, because he thought he was a good religious man. Being weak, and evil, he ordered  the beheading  to please his wife!

This country is heading down that road, people are angrily attaching voters because the voter don’t agree with them.


Bill O’Rielly. Bernard Goldberg: ET AL

by James Jett

For years, more years than I care to mention, I have heard people, Christians and non Christians, but mostly non christians, takeing liberty, when talking about The Lord Jesus Christ. Please tell me what in the saying or life of Jesus, cause you to  say, he would be a Liberal Democratic, if he was on earth today? Answer, after you read this post.

This post is not for baby Christians, meaning “those on the milk of the word” I am writing to the mature Christians,  “those on the meat of the word” Thus, no reference, chapter nor verse. If you can not read this and know if it is in the Bible, or it is not stated in the Bible, stop reading.

I am not a teacher or a preacher, and do not intend to make anyone become concern because of what i am posting in this Blob.

Please consider the following: about the life of Jesus while he taught people on this earth.

Jesus fed five thousand and never ask the government for a single dime. (a democrat?)

“Let him without fault cast the first stone”

“If a man don’t work, he should not eat”

Jesus said “My Kingdom is not of this world” His Disciples  and Followers hoped he would set up a Kingdom, maybe like the Kingdom ruled by King David in the Old Testament.

“Jesus said “we should edify each other , and admonish one another”

Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is Gods'”

Jesus paid the taxes without complaining, yet, he never tried to build a large government dedicated to providing for the poor. In fact, he said we the people should feed the poor.

Every body that Jesus healed, every body that Jesus fed, he healed and fed them without one cent from the government.  Unless Joanna, the wife of Chuza, Herod’s Steward, Susanna, and many other women, who ministered to Jesus and his followers, received money from her husband, Jesus received no money from the government. I recall, the Bible said Joanna and the other women gave from their own means (or words of that equivalence).

If Jesus were on earth today,  I can assure, the democrats would reject him because he would not be for the social programs they passed.  Republicans would reject him because he is against greed and unjust governments.

Please know this, when Jesus return: every knee will bow and every tongue confess that he is Lord!

I will end by making it clear that I am not protesting, nor am I complaining or asking you to stop. Just want you to know this ,  when talking about Jesus, back-it-up with facts in the Bible.

Personally, I never question Jesus, but I ask him a lot of questions. This example: John the Baptist, a forerunner of Jesus, was in prison for a statement he made about sins. Herodias, Herod’s wife, well (so-called wife) because he took her from his brother.  It seem this is what John the Baptist called a sin and she, Herod’s wife asked for his head on a platter, after Herod said he would give anything up to half of his kingdom if her daughter, Salome  would dance for his guesses.  She danced and asked her mother what she should ask for and her mother said “the head of John the Baptist. Herod had him beheaded and Salome gave it to her mother.

With his death pending, John the Baptist send some of his followers to Jesus and told them to ask him if he was the one who is to come or should we expect someone else? Jesus replied. “Go back and report to John what you hear and see : The blind receive sight, the lame walk,  those who have leprosy  cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is preached to the poor. Blessed is the man who does not fall away because on account of me.”

Jesus said: “I tell you the truth: among them that are born of  women there has not arisen a greater than John the Baptist” This same Jesus said: “yet he who is least in the kingdom of Heaven is greater than He.”

When I, James Jett, is down and out and my world come down on my shoulders, I ask Jesus, am I one of those greater than John the Baptist?


Window Live Writer and WordPress (FAILURE)

by James Jett

Every since last year,(well, last week) I have tried to post to my Blogs using Window live writer. Every time I  post to one Blog and try to add another blog the program refuse to add the new blog. I can only post to a new blog if I replace the old blog. In other words, Window Live Writer will let me use one blog.  all my attempt to  add my three blog site fail, every time I try. Reinstalling Window Live Writer and updating it do not help. For the past three days, I have tried to add another blog, and each time it failed. Tomorrow, I will contact Microsoft to get some help and if that fail I will hope for the next best thing.

My next best hope is to download and install WordPress.  Hopefully, I will be able to import post to each blog as I wish, without any difficulties.



by James Jett

I hope your Christmas is happy and merry.