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To All Veterans: ThANK YOU

by James Jett

This is the day, we thank veterans for their service, thank their family for the sacrifices and remind the citizens in the country how fortune we are to have brave men and women that are willing to defend our freedoms.

A special thanks, for the quick action by two veterans, now police officers, Sgt. Mark Todd and Officer, Kimberly Munleys for stopping the shooter that killed and wounded the good men and women serving our country, in the Arm Services, at Fort Hood, Texas.

The nation saw them together for the first time on Oprah show today.


End of the Media or Death of the News

by James Jett

Freedom of the press and the First Amendment Right that give it is uppermost in my mind as I write this Post.
We are in ring-side seats watching the decline of  the liberal media, television, radio and print. A media that shows you what they want, you to see, let you listen to what they wanted you to hear and print what they want, you to read. All did with no concern for your welfare: if what you watched had no value for you it didn’t matter. If the information you heard on the radio was idle chatter, hearsay and rumors, it will be loud, and with inferences. The game, with the printed material, they played by hiding the news you needed to know on the back pages or the second page under the ads, or the greater sins, not publishing it at all.
On tv, the benefits to the viewers come last, the commercials paid for by the sponsors comes first. In fact, I once listening to a good debate, where one declared that without the viewers, the commercial would be visible to an empty room, while the others argue that the commercials paid for the cost of production.  I side with the viewers, no one gathering and publishing information needs to earn a million dollars per day.
As I support the free enterprise system, meaning, you should earn as much as the job will pay. You should expect no pay unless you give the goods or services, promised. This is my personel believes, that a job will not pay more, unless it is worth more. And, any job should be supervised, and the person working in the position should be evaluated, to decide if they are performing the assigned tasks or just spending time at the work site. In these days the media is just spending time at the work site!
As the liberal media declined, we should always make every effort to gain control as receivers and consumers of news and other information dispensed by the media. How we gain and keep control, is the question? The answers are in our hearts and minds and can become our way of life as soon as we realize that we must have unedited, factual news to survive as a people and a country.
Maybe the internet is the answer, but I cannot see, hear or read anything on the Internet that convince me that it is not distanced to become more corrupt and misleading than the present media! Unless we can earn the dollars we receive via the internet and not be purchased by them. Understanding, that once your site, blog, pages and comments are own by big money, big money owns you!


My Comments on Christians, Behaviors

by James Jett

You are a nice person, in fact, a kind person: because you thanked me for my thoughts. Personally, I crave kindness, and when I receive it I applaud it.

I would never tell you to do any thing, suddenly not attempt to influence your thoughts and believe. My intentions were to respond to your opened-post, not to disagree or agree with you.

You say it is convenient for me to believe in God. It is not convenient for me to disagree with you, but I must, because it is not true. I believe in God because I control my will, and I will to believe in the God that made everything I can see, feel, hear, taste or smell, and the things that are not visible or audible to me. I choose to believe, no one on earth or in the earth can make me believe. My belief, is my-own-freewill!

Your reply to my comment, seem to assume that I was talking to you, yes that is true, but only to the extent that you are apart of the human race. Verily, I was talking to the hold world. I was answering the sign at the top of your post that said “THERE’S PROBABLY NO GOD. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” because, since you were on the Internet, I could talk to all mankind and it would be there for all to read as long as they have access to the Internet. An opportunity to comment, I just could not pass up. Why did I feel the urge, the need or compelled to respond? Because you did not ask me, you posted it on your blog, I read it and my thoughts came to me, here you can tell the world that you are a Christian and everybody that know me know that I am a Christian and will be till the end of time. Firing squads, Hangman-noose or angry mob surrounding the house could not make me a denier, by saying that I am not a Christian. No one is required to read your blog. All including me click on it with their own freewill. It’s your blog, you published the content you wished to publish, anyone disagreeing could so state, anyone agreeing could make that known also.

I was responding to your post, not you, just your post it was an opportunity to exercise an equal right to comment on something I disagreed with, not a person or thing, but a statement and I believe that the statement was untrue. Totally aware that just because I deemed the statement  untrue doe not prove it is, in fact, untrue. The urge to respond was the word PROBABLY, a red flag of doubt to me and an open invitation to put in my two-cent worth. Under normal daily encounters I do not tell a person or people in my presence that I am a Christian unless they ask me. People should know I am a Christian by being in my presence for a short time. Because I should model my life as a Christian by the way, I act in the presence of other human beings. My core values should tell others that I am a Christian. Let me be clear and careful here, and emphasize that I am not talking about a type of church nor a denomination, I am talking about my beliefs and behavior as a human being. Thoughts and actions that I control all day, every day, ok (all almost every day). Actions that I control, how I talk about the facts recorded in the Bible with Baby Christians, meaning people on the milk of the Word, not the meat of the word. Baby Christians are best, in a setting where they can learn when discussing the Holy Bible, not in a debate with an unbeliever. For instance, I don’t support many things that the churches are adopting, these days, because I feel the church is slowly drifting away from what the Bible tells Christians to do and how we should treat each other. The best example, we should love one-another. Do this first and the rest will be easy. The Pastor at a church in Alabama said “the church is a Haven for sinners, not a hotel for the saved” Today, in some Churches sinners are not welcome. Those who disagree should read your Bible, if you fail to see it in the Bible, leave me a comment and I will give you the locations where you can find the same meaning. Better yet, ask your Bible teacher or your Pastor.

God IS Love


Media Education and Illegals

by James Jett

The past three weeks have been day and night meeting trying to give each person the role that fits both training and desire. In the total plan my role is to keep the rivers flowing with more pristine water and less debris, by providing the best information for making wise and just decisions. I will attempt to do that by including the post and publishing on the internet as the way I can get information to everyone as soon as its ready for distribution. And make sure it’s reliable so that we can use it in our daily life and business plans.

This effort is necessary because I am convinced that the elected and appointed politicians, and let us include the media, are telling us lies mostly and what we want to hear when we ask a lot of questions. We need facts from both groups so we can make the choice that will be a benefit not a detriment. Both parents and grandparents are making many decisions about education, neighborhoods and safety for the children and grandchildren and should be assured that the information is reliable. Just take the cost of education, many news reports cover the facts that some school are favoring the banks and lending institutions over the parents. While these institutions are charging a higher rate on the interest because of the unjust relationship (my opinion) with those institutions.

All the above is reported in the media while reporting favorable on illegal immigrants and their ability to get into college in many states at cost less than what a citizen is required to pay. The media with total control over the content tell about the great efforts, of many civic, church and neighborhood groups, to get the best deal possible for the illegals while ignoring the citizens in these United States. These are the facts that I will report in an effort to make these groups aware that if the citizens stop supporting these schools, churches and civic organizations they will Cease to exist.


Illigal Border Crossings -Why?

by James Jett

When I went outside to water the plants in the front of the house this morning, I heard on the radio my wife was listen to, that they had raided the area where illegal aliens reside and arrested some illegals. The reporter said that the people here in the city of Painesville, Ohio now knows that they can expect ICE to show up any time because they are here illegally. The number arrested, (I believe) is six and the reporter said the others are held up in homes. When the reporters ask them if they plan to leave the area, they said no,” we don’t plan to leave the area or the country”. What loyal support these folks enjoy, being a Christian I can tell you I would not fine this much support in a church where I have been a member for years. And I am not here illegally.

With the support of many groups and the courage to cross the border when they know other have died attempting the same journey, inform me that this is a crazy, dangers and (I believe) sinful effort to bring people into this country that will give elected politicians the power they need to do the bidding of the rich and powerful while thumbing their noses at the people that voted them into office. Why let these human beings take this risk some time with children crossing the border when they could back a bus up to the gate and give the order “get a board” and the bus would be packed with people wanting to come to America? I wonder, can there be a reason, just got to be a reason, the people in this country that claim to love these immigrants and open safe havens for them once they arrive, permit them to risk everything to get here! I just don’t have the answer, that’s why I asked other that sell houses, build building and etc. —-a group of people I share e-mail with and talk by phone with, at times. Why let people come here illegally? I get different answers but all the answers mean the same thing that I sum up in one word (control) they need to retain control on them so they can be insured of their serves for many years. Now it starts to make sense, when I remember the lady from Porta Rico that came to Cleveland to get out the Latinos vote in the last election. She said on TV that day speaking to the small group around her, “You must go vote, the problem is we don’t vote”

With the support from citizens and non citizens in this country plus the liberal news media they have a large number of Senators and Congressman working hard to provide them with everything from welfare to education, and a job guarantee as long as they report to work – – -unless they are protesting for the right to become citizens or some other civic duty like demanding medical and education benefits that American Citizens don’t want or want use. Without an education, citizenship or legal status they can move the National elected Government to work hard to meet all their needs and the needs of they love ones. All because they work hard and do jobs citizens will not do and I guess they become foremen because American refuse to, started businesses that we fail or refuse to start, get financing that we fail to qualify for and take over a neighborhood that is unoccupied or only citizens live and work there. Yet I am encouraged once I recover from despair, and look at what a non citizen can accomplish in this great country and go to work knowing that I, as a Citizen can, and maybe must, Accomplish twice as much living in these United States.


Good News and Immigration

by James Jett

Over the weekend almost every news cast had a report on the progress, or lack of progress, depending on the news cast I listening to or watched. I haven’t had time to read the news papers, but will get to them later this week. Then I heard the Senators debating discussing and sometime promoting the ideal of giving legal status to the illegal aliens in this country. “This country’s food and housing depend on these people” says some of the politicians, while others argue that “we can’t send them back to their own country, because the public don’t want to see them rounded up and forced to return home.”
At that very moment I became aware that the elected officials are very selective about obeying the “public”: when the will of the public and the politics of the elected officials are the same they insist on obeying the public, but when the overwhelming majority want the illegal aliens to return home and the borders secured, the people they elected (the politician) use every trick possible to avoid doing the will of the people, by claiming they (the politicians) know what’s best for the people that voted them into office. When I see and hear this level of concern for the United States coming from the elected and appoint officials plus the people elected in Mexico advising this country on procedures pertaining to our immigration policies, I wonder where is the concern for the poor Mexican people that have not yet made it across the border? Maybe they have a NAAMP (National Association For The Advancement of Mexican People), and maybe chapters in every country is working 24/7 to improve the life and livelihood for the people in Mexico waiting to cross the border into the greatest country presently on planted-earth. If they have search organizations why don’t the Media report about them and tell people in this country to join or start a chapter. I would be glad to join and work hard to improve Mexico to the point it look and live like America. Then all the people would be trying to return home, but would encounter a problem because millions of American would be going to Mexico on vacation and failing to return to this country. Now prosperous and enjoying low unemployment, Mexico would demand that the US Citizens return home and respect Mexico’s immigration policies.

Since I am not comfortable depending on slave label to keep this country the best place for law abiding human beings to live, I wonder what could one brag about when discussing the immigrants. And three things came to mind, first I remembered a conversation with the cable man about four months ago when he came to check on the TV because we could not get some stations on screen. After checking the cable and TV inside he said the problem was outside in the connection box on the pole, as I let the garage door up I noticed it had started to rain — and said to the Cable man “ I hope it stay light like this until you finish” He said “this is nothing “ and I quickly stated “you should not complaint because they will say that your job is a job that Americans don’t want to do”— “that’s what they say when they want to take your job”. He said they are already taking over, in Painesville (30 miles East of Cleveland) they have took over a whole section you see nothing but Spanish restaurants and hear Spanish music”. Second, In down town Cleveland the Korean people have opened stores and shops . I am told it is more than a six block area. And third in a Suburb in New York the Spanish speaking people have more than a block of the main street down town occupied in retail stores, and yet not a single one have been elected to office. The Mayor (who is a White male) stated he welcome this type of investment and will work to get some Hispanics elected to office. This is good news because I am working to start and expand businesses in my family, so I will visit some of these locations.


Immigration, lies and truths

by James Jett

The elected officials are trying to agree on the bill that will enable this country to control immigration and secure our borders, hopefully, on both the Mexican and Canadian Border. If they succeed it could mean we are finally safe from people coming to this country and staying without anyone knowing their names or why they are here. Any bill passed by the legislator and signed by the President should mandate a hundred percent reduction in the illegal border crossings. This can be accomplished by having stiff fines both financial and a long confinement.

But first they have to pass the bill and the President have to sign it: to get to that point the legislators will hear from many concerned citizens and probably, non-citizens, all telling them their reasons for wanting a law that control our borders and not give amnesty to illegal aliens. Others telling them that the people in this country illegally is hard working and add value to our economy , theyfore should have a pass to citizenship. Still others will say that illegals crowd our school, overrun the emergency rooms at hospitals and clinics. Cost the tax payers money due to increase costs in jails and police service. Many arrive with decease and infect the local school children while the illegals act as carriers. These are some of the problems we will face for the next fifty years.

Then what? Foreign born will have increased to the majority and will start to make changes in the financial system, with little or no love for this country and no respect for it’s laws, I am sad to think what decisions they will make about the Social Security System and other in-place benefits such as retirements and other non-taxed old age insurance. To get the new, but short time citizen,s social security up to a livable monthly income they could means-test the Social Security or redistribute the retirement and pension funds. The fact that they should be protected by the laws on the books will not mean much to some one who came here illegally in the first place. If a national law can be broken to get them in without any enforcement who will be around to stop them from making the changes that will provide them a living wage and retirement. The answer is no one! That’s why we should let the illegals return home though one gate and hire the poor and people leaving the jails each day and pay them a livable income. If we screen these groups and place them in jobs and provide good on-the-job training you will get people that is well documented and have an understanding that one should obey the laws. It will be a lot less costly on our economy plus far less taxing on the law enforcement and school systems.


The Media:Fight Fox with Fox

by James Jett

It is good to see and hear the concern this nation has for the family, friend and neighbors that are mourning for the die and with the rest of us praying for the wounded at Virginia Tech. Even the media got-it-right, at least the first day. The next day, I didn’t need to know how bad the killer was, I needed to hear how good we are as a nation. As I watched, I continue to see small changes in the media. Some of the other tv stations are starting to look a lot like Fox Television, in other words they have begun to fight fox-with-fox. I see changes in the sets, changes in the settings and changes in the “on the air personnel.” Last month I would hit the remote every fifteen minutes to see if I could detect any changes in the content. Did I see a change in the things I hear and the things I see? If yes, do I feel the changes represented improvements? Well, since I see very little value or benefits in the media I am not ready to say if the changes will improve so that the listeners and viewers will hear and see information and images that can be used to make better decisions and plan a better life for themselves and their families. So, I will decide later!

The reason it will take months if not years to change the media, they are stuck in the mode that “bad is better” and an unsightly image is the way you get ratings climbing to the roof. That’s why most people on tv look like they are “regulars” on Jerry Springer or Maury’s (Connie Chung’s husband) show. Just to name two! To prove that I have evaluated these shows over time, Connie’s husband show do have some (a little) social value. If we are going to watch television, listen to radio and read magazines, news papers, books and other publications just to learn about the bad, the ugly, the uneducated and evil people among us, we are only ten years away from a third world, subhuman existence. We are headed in that direction because the media use the number of people watching or listening to determine how much they will earn for each commercial. This is also true because it takes humans a short time to learn to act-out against things that are good while tolerating the things that are bad. So no one calls the police when the bully takes the little lady bag or rob the ten-year-old, take his bike and ride away.

Do I need a scrubbed and polished media? No. I just need to hear factual information about the things that improves or threaten our support systems—traveling, drinking water, medical, health and law enforcement . . . the list can be extended. Just a short list of shows that I watched because they tend to accomplish that, at least most of the time. “Both Sides” I think that was the name of the show and Rev. Jessie Jackson was the Host. Each time I watched that show I heard both sides and the people talked like civilized human beings. Here I am listening to, and watching a show hosted by a Preacher King that spend a lot of resources telling Blacks where the starting line is, but never tell them how to run and finish the race. Another show, “Political Incorrect” Hosted by Bill Maher, He would have two people on one side that supported the same view opposing the two people on the other side. Again, I watched a show hosted by a person that has said only two things that I can agree with as long as I watched his show, one when he talked about the people that control the television networks and two when he talked about people that control the advertising dollars.


Mr and Mrs Imus Vs. Basketball Team

by James Jett

The media took steps today too correct. It’s daily error when it terminated the Don Imus Show. No one should call other people names that will be consider an insult by the majority. The next step should be to screen the images and edited the content to remove all images that encourage old and young alike to commit self abuse and welcome video that approve and highlight having sex in the streets like dogs. It’s the money, not the sex, you are talking about a multimillion dollar income when discussing money earned from trafficking in sex. It survive and flourish with maximum support from all media.. It could not, would not, and will not survive without media support.

It took a Basket Ball Coach and those Outstanding, Wonderful, Intelligent Players to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Those of us who look forward to each morning without listen to name calling just for money and a few minutes of notoriety, know this will not be the end, and civility will not replace ignorance until the money and false-fame is stripped from the reward and pleasure it enjoys. I heard Mrs. Imus for a few minutes this morning, (at least they said it was Mrs. Imus) some wonderful woman, she told the listener and the viewers not to send hate-mail to the basketball players, send it to her Husband! I believe Don Imus have done some good work in this Great Country to help others in need, but look, what he had to say and do to earn or raise the money! Are we growing-up a Nation of people that will donate money to keep hosts on the air as long as they say mean things about other Identifiable groups? Would they donate the same or more money if he would use a different language to point out the success or failure of people instead of calling them names? Another question, did he use the word Nappy head to single out the Black Players?

Should Don Imus return to his show? The Basketball Players should decide, he insulted them, so they should make the decision. What they decide will please some of us and upset the others, I will fight for them to have the right to make the call. As for those of us who will feel let down regardless to what they decide, I am not a coward, nor do I need these wonderful people carrying my heavy load, I can and will fend off hate for myself. Yet I will pray that this mean thing will change in the media, and it will be used for the benefit of the Citizens not just to make the rich richer. If it fails to change, my family will continue to prosper at long as “we take the white men’s virtues and not his vices


Education and The Far East

by James Jett

My friend rents an apartment in China. His golfing buddy just returned from China last week. This activity and last week’s post are keeping China on my mind. All the talk about the United States owe so much money to the Country of China until we may some day be required to get up in the morning and bow toward the east.

Knowing the relationship this country and the large businesses have with China tell us that it is a market for the right products or our future masters. Since we are not in charge of Foreign Relation, we are looking at it as a market. Personally I have some questions, so we started the discussions. One question, what did you see in China that indicate change and opportunities? He stated that an eyes popping, but a small problem is illegal aliens, students from Africa enroll in the Universities over-stay their Visas When China tries to deport them they get married to a China’s citizen. My next question, how do they (the people in China) view America? His answer: “they are coming, their numbers are in the billions so expect them in this country (the US) in great numbers”. I have heard discussions about plane loads come to work on Electronic equipment and only half return to China. I am told that no one in this Country knows how many people from that powerful nation live in the United States. Many talking heads on TV believe that China is, all but, invading Africa not just doing business with them.

We will continue to notice as the Chinese move to other Countries, but we are looking for markets and there are a lot of people in China. Education will be key in during business here and abroad, so we are planning schools that will respond to demands by the medical and computer fields. My observation is unless parents get involved in improving the education received by their children this country will become a third-world-country. Now I am told that Oprah is going to build a school for boys and girls in South Africa. India is trying to get a lock on Math and Computer Science. Mexico is assured, they will have the middle and lower- class jobs, so we better qualify for the upper-middle and top, or learn how to beg for bread and water.