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by James Jett

I WISH you and all the people you love a HAPPY new year all of 2012!



by James Jett

I wish you ALL a merry Christmas: Its 11:23PM in Dolomite AL 35061, near Birmingham.


Christian, United States: India

by James Jett

In Northeast Ohio, the protestants church my grandchildren attend have Indians members as well as others Asians, what is true about the Chinese is mostly true about the Indians. In that both groups have found favor in the eyes of the established, and they are welcome with training, business, career and support. This became true to me in Cleveland VA Medical Center, in the hospital for three nights, the morning doctor visit is a team effort, in the team were three doctors of India descent.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer, in a story some years pass, said that the people of India was trying to gain some influence in Ohio politically, and was making progress because you didn’t see the state’s top-cop, Attorney General Betty Montgomery without a person of India descent present. In politics, that is the best procedure for any group seeking a seat at the table of government, so another “plus” for the people of India-descent in Northeast Ohio.

In a business meeting, one of the people seem to have a healthy desire for Ginseng, said he shop at Cleveland,s Asiantown on the Eastside of Cleveland, near downtown in a three or four block area. the Cleveland Plain Dealer said that the National City Bank, in the area, had a person that spoke mandarin to handle banking transactions. More clear that racial groups,or any group for that matter, that educate and train their children, go in business and have a safety-net for members needing help will not only prosper but enjoy most of life’s happiness. Anyone agreeing or disagreeing please read this article!


Christians, United States: China

by James Jett

Christianity is growing in China with help from the government, this is what I heard at 4:am on BBC over NPR radio. BBC said the government paid twenty percent of the cost to build a church and feel that Christians bring stability to the community, or maybe they said, more stability to the country–it was four o’clock in the morning. Not only is China helping the Christians build churches, but leave the Christians to run the religious programs without other contact or supervision.

If this is true, China’s tolerant of Christians exceed that of the United States, we, Christians receive no support from the government and I hope we never need or expect aid from the government, just respect, leaving us to worship without anyone stopping us because we practice our faith. Yet, that occur more each day as tolerant for Christians decrease in the United States. Tolerant for Christians decrease, as Christian fear increase. Christians should make sure their action is right and legal and yield to no one. Personally I pray in secret, but will praise God any where.

Christians living in fear is disturbing , fear is a safety factor, a gift from God to man, that often time is the reason for being alive, but fear should be controlled.

This Fox News article confirm my believe

Reviewing  today’s news, you will think that the United States and Egypt oppose Christians and China embrace Christians because they make a more stable community.  Chinese Christians and none-Christians, in the US, are welcome and businesses, colleges and Think-tanks invite them to come to this country because they bring educational skills required to get this country up and running again. Mr. Gates, the Very rich owner of Microsoft want more than are presently allowed.

In the Protestant church my grandchildren attend, one floor is a Chinese church. they worship in a separate church until they can speak English. Membership over three hundred and increasing yearly, reinforce my thinking, that Chinese will become the greatest-race in the US in the near future.


Bin Laden Photo? No

by James Jett

Now the media is discussing, begging and hoping the government  will  release photos proving “he is died”. All media will get an immediate increase in income when the pictures, video or DNA tests are  released for publication. Ben Laden is dead or the government just proved that I am unwise and trust the government without requiring them to show proof. If he is not died why are people in the middle east out in the street like un-schooled, unwise fools burning the US Flag and praying and mourning in pain and sorry? You brave reporters, both women and men, make the people in the middle east prove that Bin Laden yet live or explain why almost every act is a display of  uncivilized human-beings not fit for any country that want to live in a civilize world. He is dead ,Osama Ben Laden is no more.  I wish the President would tell the unbelievers to have Bin Laden contact him, President Obama, and he will let him go free after DNA test confirm he yet live.

If this is to keep an inform public, let me take a day and submit to the media, a list of the things I need to know.

Here is the first question, when I turn off the freeway into low-income neighborhoods: why I fail to see evidence, that the billions of dollars the government gave to the banks, finance companies and other wall-street wealthy employees, are helping the people in low-income neighborhoods?.

This is one man’s opinion, and I am that man!


Christians Boycott: If Needed

by James Jett

The Tea party are mostly Christians, but most Christians are not members of the Tea Party, as least, not a declared member. Future growth for the Tea Party is possible, reaching numbers that could be the deciding factor in any State-wide election. Many of the people, like me, are independent, and have been all my voting life, and a Christian. Not many Tea Party members are Atheist, but I believe more none-Christians are in the Tea party, out numbering Atheist and other religions. (I could be wrong) Membership should increase as the tea party continue to educate the voters about the failure to keep promises made when running for political office, is the reason so many voters are looking elsewhere for candidate to vote for in state and national elections.

Voters, especially Black voters, may vote for a tea party candidate before they would vote for a republican. yes, that is right, because saying a candidate is a tea-party candidate predict a better result once elected. Member with middle-class income, blacks and Whites feel that the democrat and republican parties are own by the lobbyist. Twenty to thirty-five percent of black voters will vote for tea-party candidates if they maintain the same goals and purposes . You need proof? look at the votes in predominate blacks-neighborhoods in states like Ohio and California on culture and drugs. With fifteen percent of  black voters willing to vote for tea-party-candidates, added to the present committed votes, you could boycott, picket or vote for anyone you please. Wheeling the same type of pressure, as the unions and other special interest groups.

The last election proved that the Tea Party can make improvements in politics Now, education, communities and small businesses are the next concern. The free enterprise system can never give jobs for everyone unless some one start a  business. And starting a business in Lawn care. repair shops, parts stores and the much-needed computer, refrigerator and stove repair. Personally I believe you have an advantage if you learn to repair products, including computers and printers. before you start selling them in your business. (coming from experience) And you can start a joint venture with an exiting business that is well-known in the community.

When the Tea Party playing a role  and showing concern in education, business and training this nation will begin to progress. If the Tea Party ignore these three, we will know the tea party  will mimic the Democratic and Republican parties, pass laws and not enforced them, invite a foreign force to do work, the US are unwilling to pay citizens to do and sell their services to the lobbyists.

Votes and support for the Tea Party will grow, when voters  take part by participating in the planning and implementing, leaving integrating,  socializing and partying to each person. Integration, at best, is the plan of the detractors, those who believe success is reserve for their kind, and only their kind. It is probably a plan hatched by some college professor hell-bent on delaying the progress for low-income families, particularly  blacks. Integration mean you’ re present without any training, skills or education, just present, so the group can claim that they invite all races to meetings and other gathering. Participation means you are taking a part in the discussions, planning and implementing that result in benefits for everyone in the group. For these reasons, the government should not required integration

The government should pass laws that prohibit anyone from stopping, threaten or harassing anyone living, working and going in business, with people of a different race, religion or national origin. With any automatic find and jail time for anyone violating the law.


Drugs Sex and Marriage

by James Jett

I am reviewing my notes from years pass and recall a show on TV discussing genetic testing. The questions were about kind, loving human beings donating hearts, lungs and other parts of the body for some one else to use and stay alive. With the kindness of others, many people will live. When the host asked the Geneticists how sure he was when he said “we have a match” once the test was complete, he answer, — as I recall, he said— ‘we are sure”.  When asked if he told the parents that could mean the father is not the biological father, he said “no, I do not want to get involved in a law suit”. Most of the time , he said, “I can see that the man is not the child’s father. Fifty percent of the Black men and thirty-five percent of the White men are not the biological father. Unless the labs have a better procedure, the paying customers will not get correct information to the question, is this my child?

Watching the TV show “The Doctors” as I chance to do some time twice weekly or more. Luckily I saw the show when the genetic testing kit, a tool or procedure that a person use to decide if he is the father of a child. As I understand it, a woman can give birth to a child and use this kit to prove that the man is the child’s father. Or better yet, a man can use the kit to show that some one else fathered the child. This gadget or kit is another example of the failed timing of the drug and instruments designed for human use and consumption. In that, it mimic the birth control pill, remember the birth control pill was use to solve the problem for those who could not wait until marriage to have sex, or wanted to delay the next pregnancy.

Couples using condoms to prevent pregnancy welcomed the “pill” because it seem to give more pleasure, closeness and overall satisfaction. We later learned that it –the pill— also exposed both partners to sexually  transmitted decease, even if only one partner was having an affair.  With the pill you could engage in sex without putting a condom on or taking anything off and unwanted pregnancy was no longer a concern.

What good is the “pill” now, if you or your partner is engaging in sex with people who— care less — about your well-being?. You could get aids or any other venereal decease, even if you used the birth control pill.  It would have been better if the rich, careless and unwise drug companies had spent time researching a cure for all venereal decease, then the pill would be a benefit and not a liability.


Integrating or Race mixing

by James Jett

Other Blacks are not as fortunate as Juan Williams, when they meet a racially charge evaluations at he did at NPR. That prove, in my thinking— there is a God, and some good White folks in the world— for others, maybe Juan Williams was just lucky. Most of us would not have the ready support system Juan Williams enjoyed, ready to place us in a better and less hateful work environment. Yet, knowing that many Whites are getting a little tire of members of their race and some blacks, judging people totally on the “color of their skin, not the content of their character”.

This prove racism is in the boardrooms, backrooms and court rooms and the plan remain the same, educate as few Blacks as possible and let white men mimic the blacks as near as possible. Meaning, complete high school but let the white women do the heavy lifting in college, where they out number white men in accounting, medicine and law in some classrooms. I often ask, if intelligent is a trite of the White male what happen to college enrollment over the last thirty years? And why are some of the worlds largest firms recruiting employees from oversea while the white college graduate are looking for jobs. Secondly, why are so many white men walking around without a college degree and living below Middle class standard in the greatest country in history.Last, why are so many black men  saying that you are acting “ white” if you pursue your educational goals as a good student and not a failure. If this is true, integration have worked its wonders for the people hell-bend on (integrating) and stopping the Black man‘s progress. I don’t believe a single member of the Little-Rock-Nine will say they were acting “white” when they enrolled at that school and completed their high school education. James Meredith enrolled at Ole Miss and earned a degree, no one said he was acting white. Charlene Hunter and Hamilton Holmes enroll at the University of Georgia, no one said they were acting white. I attended high school and college at night, in high school, the first twelve months in a class with all  Black veterans in 1954-55. Not a single person in that class ever said they were acting white.

Glen Beck is going when we need him? He should research this “acting white” thing, I am sure he would learn that some committee said “we need to stop the black man from getting an education or we will end up competing with them for jobs,  ownership of sports team and managing entertainers, get the word out, they are acting white”.


Trinity United Church of Christ Program

by James Jett

The current President of the United States, President Obama, have nothing to do with my publishing my visit to the church where Rev. Wright was the Pastor then. I wrote the post to start a conversation about Christians and crime in the community. The posts have everything to do with Christians and nothing to do with  President Obama.  That’s incorrect, time I finished typing the President’s name I know it was incorrect, because  if the President would address the crime problems in the neighborhood, once each month crime would decrease in this country. It would be helpful, but it is not needed. ” We the people” can take care of all community problems.

This is the church program, pass-out, on the sunday I visited the church


President Obama: Rev. Wright’s Church

by James Jett

Last week my driver informed me that I had been to Rev. Wright’s Church, that President Obama attended when he was living in Chicago. He got elected to the President of the United States of America, and move to his new home in Washington, where he live in the White House with his family.  I visited Rev. Wright’s church, because a member invited me and my son, the driver, drove us to the church.  No, Rev. Wright did not preach that Sunday. A Young man, Rev Wright;s protegé,  said a few words after Rev. Wright covered some Church business. The young man, well dressed in a gray suit, after being introduce by Rev. Wright said a few words about traveling and making sure you stay on the right path.

Church attendance, for me, is as an invited guest, on trips, on vacation and visiting  family members in six States. Only one church visit in my city in the last fifteen or more years, on the fifty year anniversary. At the end of the service a man insulted me when he greeted my wife. I  spoke to a Deacon about it. After investigating he decide the man is not a member of the church and no one know who he is or where he came from. The church had split and a new Minster was on board, so every one was inviting people to come to the church, including me.

A member of the church that Rev. Wright Pastor, invited me to attend church with them that Sunday. It was an opportunity to attend church with like-minded people, all there to praise God. The church was a short distant from the clean well care-for lawns in the neighborhood where I was staying. The Church, at 532 W. 95th Street, Chicago IL  60628-1196. a short ten minute drive. After church service my driver drove pass Rev Jackson house, no grass on the lawn at that time just a small scrub, maybe and Azalea . I understand, the Reverend is away from home a lot, but anyone could take care of that small lawn. Looking out his front door up on a small hill, you see a green oases. From Rev Jackson we drove pass the house where Muhammad Ali, the great heavyweight boxer, once lived. All total, not a bad neighborhood.

I have my own Christian assignment, visiting other churches, visiting neighborhoods with more than one church, and looking at the life people live in those neighborhoods. some of the worst killings and other crimes occur in the neighbors with the greatest number of churches.  Dogs, cats and other animals receive better training and care than some of the Children attending schools in those neighborhoods where two, three, five or more churches are  located, within walking distance away from the church ground.  Neighborhoods that have been slums since the Korean  War, others have slowly deteriorated into unsightly conditions. Last month, I drove pass my old neighborhood in Cleveland, almost all the streets are looking more like housing where slum dwellers live. The decline started and I moved out fifteen miles into another county. Manly because the school system was failing my Children, at least the two that were old enough to enroll in the Sixties. The update is, that school is a beautiful brand-spanking-new school now with houses removed making space for playgrounds. The new school is a good start, but the needs for improvement in learning stay. It is difficult, if not impossible to learn when the streets in the community is unsafe and the school system teaching is far  less effective than training programs for dogs. As I drove through the neighborhood on my way to visit my cousin and returned looking down the street toward 3663 East 143rd Street, I could see much deterioration from neglect. It made me aware that I made a good decision to buy land and build a house for my children in a neighborhood that would be mostly new homes with intact families, safe, well-kept lawns with property values increasing yearly.

Property values is every home-owners concern, because every increase in property value is an increase in your net worth. Property value decrease when  owners fail to take care and upkeep the house and lot. Nothing is worse than a bad neighbor in a good community, unsightly, unwanted bantering from people who  think that give them the right to block your driveway. Just when you think you have made a good move and can have some peace of mind now that you have you, or you and your family in an above average  neighborhood, some one move in across the street that behave  like and uncivilized, untrained and unschooled wild person.