Christian, United States: India

by James Jett

In Northeast Ohio, the protestants church my grandchildren attend have Indians members as well as others Asians, what is true about the Chinese is mostly true about the Indians. In that both groups have found favor in the eyes of the established, and they are welcome with training, business, career and support. This became true to me in Cleveland VA Medical Center, in the hospital for three nights, the morning doctor visit is a team effort, in the team were three doctors of India descent.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer, in a story some years pass, said that the people of India was trying to gain some influence in Ohio politically, and was making progress because you didn’t see the state’s top-cop, Attorney General Betty Montgomery without a person of India descent present. In politics, that is the best procedure for any group seeking a seat at the table of government, so another “plus” for the people of India-descent in Northeast Ohio.

In a business meeting, one of the people seem to have a healthy desire for Ginseng, said he shop at Cleveland,s Asiantown on the Eastside of Cleveland, near downtown in a three or four block area. the Cleveland Plain Dealer said that the National City Bank, in the area, had a person that spoke mandarin to handle banking transactions. More clear that racial groups,or any group for that matter, that educate and train their children, go in business and have a safety-net for members needing help will not only prosper but enjoy most of life’s happiness. Anyone agreeing or disagreeing please read this article!

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