Your Car, Your Gun or Both

by James Jett

The large number of people demanding the country enact gun control so we can finally stop killing ourselves and other. Probable well-meaning, concern citizens, looking out for the safety of others living  in this country. Aware of a willing media, they demand that the city, state and federal government pass laws banding or controlling  guns, special, hand guns.

Consider the following statistics:

Homicide with a firearm: 17,343

Death by accidental discharge of firearm: 721

And roughly 5000 deaths from legal interventions (I.E. Police shooting)

Car death: About 115 people die every day in vehicle crashes in the United States There were 2.9 million injuries and 42643 people  killed in auto accidents.

These  statistics remind me of the  times I have pass an automobile, bus or truck accident on the road and later hear, on the news that a number of people killed and the other people  unharmed. And I remember, all my life I have heard very few reports about people dying from gun shots. At car accidents the media rush to the scene to get picture and interview the kin of the died and  survivals.

Weather is a cause,  in some car accidents, going on or returning from a trip, can become a hazy if the snow fall, is accompanied by ice and or wind. One car, two cars or several autos  involved in a multi-car pile-up, with many lives at risk without trying to harm or kill anyone. You could say, having a car and using i,t endanger lives and is a threat every time  we get behind the wheel. You can have two, six and ten car pile-ups reported each year. but seldom hear of a shootout involving three or more gunman, in equal occurrence. If you must blame the gun, you sure blame the Cars also.  Vans, Pickups–oh and the all-powerful SUV, is the cause of more unwanted pregnancies, broken marriages and untimely deaths than all the guns used in the Korean War.  (my opinion, public)

My answer to both problems, teach  the citizens gun safety and better driving skills and restrict the cars to pleasure trips only. All trips to work and shop, will be fast trains and feeder buses, to parking lots, in each neighborhood, where small cars are waiting to take you safely home.

In addition, train and educate your children, I say train, because you can have educated fools.Support and demand that the school system in your community is educating not indoctrination.

Lives, money, human-fatigue and  time  saved would more than pay for the public transportation and save lives.


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