Window Live Writer and WordPress (FAILURE)

by James Jett

Every since last year,(well, last week) I have tried to post to my Blogs using Window live writer. Every time I  post to one Blog and try to add another blog the program refuse to add the new blog. I can only post to a new blog if I replace the old blog. In other words, Window Live Writer will let me use one blog.  all my attempt to  add my three blog site fail, every time I try. Reinstalling Window Live Writer and updating it do not help. For the past three days, I have tried to add another blog, and each time it failed. Tomorrow, I will contact Microsoft to get some help and if that fail I will hope for the next best thing.

My next best hope is to download and install WordPress.  Hopefully, I will be able to import post to each blog as I wish, without any difficulties.


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