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End of the Media or Death of the News

by James Jett

Freedom of the press and the First Amendment Right that give it is uppermost in my mind as I write this Post.
We are in ring-side seats watching the decline of  the liberal media, television, radio and print. A media that shows you what they want, you to see, let you listen to what they wanted you to hear and print what they want, you to read. All did with no concern for your welfare: if what you watched had no value for you it didn’t matter. If the information you heard on the radio was idle chatter, hearsay and rumors, it will be loud, and with inferences. The game, with the printed material, they played by hiding the news you needed to know on the back pages or the second page under the ads, or the greater sins, not publishing it at all.
On tv, the benefits to the viewers come last, the commercials paid for by the sponsors comes first. In fact, I once listening to a good debate, where one declared that without the viewers, the commercial would be visible to an empty room, while the others argue that the commercials paid for the cost of production.  I side with the viewers, no one gathering and publishing information needs to earn a million dollars per day.
As I support the free enterprise system, meaning, you should earn as much as the job will pay. You should expect no pay unless you give the goods or services, promised. This is my personel believes, that a job will not pay more, unless it is worth more. And, any job should be supervised, and the person working in the position should be evaluated, to decide if they are performing the assigned tasks or just spending time at the work site. In these days the media is just spending time at the work site!
As the liberal media declined, we should always make every effort to gain control as receivers and consumers of news and other information dispensed by the media. How we gain and keep control, is the question? The answers are in our hearts and minds and can become our way of life as soon as we realize that we must have unedited, factual news to survive as a people and a country.
Maybe the internet is the answer, but I cannot see, hear or read anything on the Internet that convince me that it is not distanced to become more corrupt and misleading than the present media! Unless we can earn the dollars we receive via the internet and not be purchased by them. Understanding, that once your site, blog, pages and comments are own by big money, big money owns you!


Post about a blog

by James Jett

It looks like fun, but is this a real Basketball team, if yes, what league?