Black Leaders, Class and Race

by James Jett

In Chicago, boys killing boys with everyone watching in present and on TV. I have seen very little concern from the people who claim they care. Where are Rev. Jackson, Rev. Sharpton and Mr. Crosby? Will President Obama meet in Chicago to stop the killings? Why, is the community so quite, they are not marching in the street, not many talking to the media, it is so quite, it seems as though nothing happened?
Screaming race, will not work in this case. It was Blacks killing Blacks! And, the student did not live in a rich neighborhood.
One of my associates says it because the student is black and poor Black families hate the intelligent members living in the community. I can believe that is the case, but I just don’t have any proof.
Class seems more likely when you consider how fast President Obama moved when his friend, Professor Gates cried race, when arrested at his home when he returned  from a trip to China.


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