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Business: Twitter, Followers and Following

by James Jett

If WordPress had not invited me to add Twitter to my blog, I would not be involved with tweeting and trying to answer the question, What are you doing? I was prompted by the question because each day I write in a log about the things I did or didn’t do that day. The daily log is intended to keep all family members, associates and readers aware of what my daily schedule entails. My concern is, for my readers and others that visit my sites as they, surf the internet. Totally unaware, that I could follow peoples, Followers, and people could follow me, Following. Anyone reading, my tweets, would get a good ideal about my day’s activity and respond if they wished to do so. A family member told me not to be concern about responding to followers, because I would add one follower per week at best. After all, she said “you are not Oprah.”  Having people follow you can be an honor, and following others means that you have their Tweets, Blogs and web sites at your finger tips!
After going to the widgets sections of WordPress and reviewing the procedure for adding Twitter to my blog I preceded to do so, and selected two names that would alert some of my readers that visit my Blogs that I was in the Airborne. So I found that “Paratrooper” and “Stand in The Door” were available and tried to install Paratrooper on my blog: with some success but promptly forgot the password. After sending e-mail to twice without any  responds, I discover I had use the wrong email address, thus, no answer from Twitter, and no access to Paratrooper, and now you know the reason I have  not updated. Better results with StandInTheDoor, It is up and is updated as time permit. I need both User Names, one for business and the other for bragging. Presently, I maintain a daily record of my tasks and trips. Each day, I Update by Month, day and date, the tasks I have worked on. That information will be recorded in Paratrooper, (when I get it up and running) while I update Stand in The Door with facts, opinions and concerns.
Keeping in mine, my workload for the next four months will get overwhelming at times, cutting down unwanted trees for firewood and landscaping the side lawn. Above that, add enjoying my Grandchildren and continuing to pursue business goals by getting my e-store up and running in the next three months. Promoting the business and informing the customers and the general public will be easier using Twitter and my Blogs to insure that everyone is aware of sales and available merchandises. I witnessed this on Fox Business News, last Saturday as they showed food service trucks using Twitter to inform customers where they would stop next and the approximate time of arrives.
For me, getting it up and running will be a challenge, but I will do it and in the end it will all be worthwhile.