My Comments on Christians, Behaviors

by James Jett

You are a nice person, in fact, a kind person: because you thanked me for my thoughts. Personally, I crave kindness, and when I receive it I applaud it.

I would never tell you to do any thing, suddenly not attempt to influence your thoughts and believe. My intentions were to respond to your opened-post, not to disagree or agree with you.

You say it is convenient for me to believe in God. It is not convenient for me to disagree with you, but I must, because it is not true. I believe in God because I control my will, and I will to believe in the God that made everything I can see, feel, hear, taste or smell, and the things that are not visible or audible to me. I choose to believe, no one on earth or in the earth can make me believe. My belief, is my-own-freewill!

Your reply to my comment, seem to assume that I was talking to you, yes that is true, but only to the extent that you are apart of the human race. Verily, I was talking to the hold world. I was answering the sign at the top of your post that said “THERE’S PROBABLY NO GOD. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” because, since you were on the Internet, I could talk to all mankind and it would be there for all to read as long as they have access to the Internet. An opportunity to comment, I just could not pass up. Why did I feel the urge, the need or compelled to respond? Because you did not ask me, you posted it on your blog, I read it and my thoughts came to me, here you can tell the world that you are a Christian and everybody that know me know that I am a Christian and will be till the end of time. Firing squads, Hangman-noose or angry mob surrounding the house could not make me a denier, by saying that I am not a Christian. No one is required to read your blog. All including me click on it with their own freewill. It’s your blog, you published the content you wished to publish, anyone disagreeing could so state, anyone agreeing could make that known also.

I was responding to your post, not you, just your post it was an opportunity to exercise an equal right to comment on something I disagreed with, not a person or thing, but a statement and I believe that the statement was untrue. Totally aware that just because I deemed the statement  untrue doe not prove it is, in fact, untrue. The urge to respond was the word PROBABLY, a red flag of doubt to me and an open invitation to put in my two-cent worth. Under normal daily encounters I do not tell a person or people in my presence that I am a Christian unless they ask me. People should know I am a Christian by being in my presence for a short time. Because I should model my life as a Christian by the way, I act in the presence of other human beings. My core values should tell others that I am a Christian. Let me be clear and careful here, and emphasize that I am not talking about a type of church nor a denomination, I am talking about my beliefs and behavior as a human being. Thoughts and actions that I control all day, every day, ok (all almost every day). Actions that I control, how I talk about the facts recorded in the Bible with Baby Christians, meaning people on the milk of the Word, not the meat of the word. Baby Christians are best, in a setting where they can learn when discussing the Holy Bible, not in a debate with an unbeliever. For instance, I don’t support many things that the churches are adopting, these days, because I feel the church is slowly drifting away from what the Bible tells Christians to do and how we should treat each other. The best example, we should love one-another. Do this first and the rest will be easy. The Pastor at a church in Alabama said “the church is a Haven for sinners, not a hotel for the saved” Today, in some Churches sinners are not welcome. Those who disagree should read your Bible, if you fail to see it in the Bible, leave me a comment and I will give you the locations where you can find the same meaning. Better yet, ask your Bible teacher or your Pastor.

God IS Love

3 Comments to “My Comments on Christians, Behaviors”

  1. Hi James!

    Thanks so much for dedicating this blog post as a response to my post- I am seriously very honored! I am even more impressed and tickled that you managed to do it in such a measured, civil manner that seems to escape others who disagree.

    First of all, I would like to address that the photo is which that statement “there is PROBABLY no god…etc.” is a photograph of an atheist bus campaign, and not my own opinion. I merely found it an appropriate photo to head my post. If it were my campaign, I would not have used that choice of words, and there would be no room for doubt. But I am thankful that you took hold of that, because I was able to read this entry!

    I deeply admire your recognition of free will and completely agree with you on that. I also admire your adherence to Christian values, and your determination to be a model example to other Christians. I believe that if you can exemplify those virtues that are written in the Bible, such as honesty, graciousness, and otherwise, then that is absolutely wonderful. Please understand that I do not dislike religion- I only frown upon its misuse, as I’m sure you do as well. I also frown upon the futility of people’s actions, as in the Richard Dawkins prayer event, specifically because they take away from the opportunities of others. I abhor the exploiting of religion for the sake of one’s own means, that has been the cause of worldwide terrorism and persecution. It is the volatile POTENTIAL of religion that I dislike and its blinding tendencies, and not the words that are written in holy texts. For these reasons, I have decided that I simply do not need the love or promise of an invisible being who cannot seem to provide for those who need it most. In fact, in that respect, I see myself, and other philanthropists and humanitarians, as more powerful than any God in that our two working hands can serve and do more good than any amount of hands clasped in prayer.

    Again, I thank you for your attention- I hope to hear more from you in the future!

  2. yes hello and god bless!! i,also am a christian by my own freewill. i am glad to see others who stand for CHRIST because in the lord, we always have hope for the of my favorite sayings about the christian faith is: all major religions have a grave — but only one claims to be empty! and we, as christians, are blessed in that fact in itself!!

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