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Misspelled Names: A No, NO

by James Jett

The last six months have been a lot of  hard work, hard physically, mentally and emotionality. Tuesday night I kept my appointment with SCORE, the retired business executives (now they have some that is still employed) I met with three of them and discussed some business plans I am going to write in a post about. Return home continuing to wonder why I agreed to work so hard the last six months. I am home alone and a little down in the dumps, it seems like my world is coming down on my shoulders. Feeling down and out I wanted to do something that would help me relax. Usually, if I read or think about music, songs, tunes and the words to the songs, I can forget about my long hours of work and just take it easy.

The first song that came to mind was a surprise. Why would I think about the song? : (don’t go breaking my heart! I want go breaking your heart?) (Elton John). Then you are my sun shine! (Ray Charles) The last tune to come into memory was just the tune from the song, that state: every man thinks his burden is the heaviest! (Bob Marley). Slowly I started to relax and decided to read some of the Blogs I have tagged. When reading a post, “those daze we don’t expect” I thought, he is writing like I am thinking and decided to comment on his post. In the process I misspelled his name, this is a no, no with me. I am the man that would start every monthly meeting on personal problems, with the same reinforcing statements. “We all agree, that we can eliminate most and reduce all other personal problem if we make sure we spell all names correctly, keep an accurate record of hours worked and make sure the pay check is correct”. And now I have misspelled someone’s name and published it! This is my sincere apology.


Good Friday: For All?

by James Jett

Faith hope and charity:

This is Good Friday and people are talking about Easter and with it Faith, Hope and Charity. Some add the words, good will to mankind. I have heard others say this is a joyful time for people of Faith. Listen to them you could think we are all the same, the same believes, serving the same God and praising the Rising Savior.

I hear all of this and I listen with some joy, but a lot of doubt and concern. This doubt and concern are because I see so many  people that put their life on the line in order to keep us safe. Make it possible for us to go about our daily tasks with little or no fear: In and out of shopping centers, food markets and eateries. And when something goes wrong there they are facing gun fire, standing between us and the bad guy, he wanted to hurt us, rob us or worst yet, take our child from us.

Therefore, when I wonder what they mean when they say people of faith, I really don’t understand whom they are talking about. No, I never ask them because it really is not my business to know. Maybe not in the way you are thinking, but, like, well, more in the vein of “swallowing and Elephant and gaging on a gnat.” My concern, first should be about me and what I believe. And I remain full of Faith, Hope and Joy, because I believe that Jesus is the Christ and he died for not just my sins, but the sins of the whole world.

Yes: God gave his only son Jesus to die for our sins!