Women: Jobs, War, Crime and Lisbians

by James Jett

Females outnumber male, in this country, by more than 4 millions and in some colleges enroll in greater number, in courses like accountant, medicine and law.  In field like real estate, teachers and nursing the numbers of women exceed 50%. The number of females serving in the military, the number of women in the government, including the President’s cabinet, the state, county and city governments, is slowly approaching the number of men. Women are Generals, Police Chiefs and combat fighters and firemen. Their income is moving up and their contributions are measuring up, closing in on par with men. Adding to the family’s bottom line and self esteem to the income producer. But, are they lasting benefits that increase the standard of living for others in society? Many say no, pointing out the increase in the number of jobs held by women is a decrease in the jobs held by men. Women, they point out White women in particular are taking jobs away from men. I respectfully disagree, white women maybe taking jobs that Black men dose not want, or is not qualified to hold. Remember, Black men got the right to vote FIFTY YEARS before white women did. Black women are working in the jobs that they went to school and trained for, by applying themselves in both high school and college. White men are working in jobs on wall street and main streets in companies that employ very few Women and no Black men. Why?  It could be because Blacks fail to finish high school, and avoid college if they complete high school. Or it could be.  Blacks like to work 50 or fewer miles away from home. Our society is renewing itself.  The newcomers will tend to stay in their own social groups away from both blacks and whites. No. It is not because they dislike us, rather it that the other groups prefer to own their own businesses and use their own professionals when they are available. Blacks, on the other hand, avoid black owned businesses in their neighborhood, although, I am told that is changing slowly.
As they said in my neighborhood, the newcomers get the help and the lip. Meaning, There is always someone to help the newcomer, advices them to stay in school and away from the troubled sections of town! , And I argue it’s because the newcomers always help himself. If someone sees you trying to make progress and become a success in the community, they will help you: raise your barn, put in your lawn and paint your house. Why is this not true, among some segments of our citizens? For instance, why can’t I find a neighborhood where women live in a greater number and it is the best community in the city. The same with blacks, I am looking for a community that is predominantly black and is the safest, cleanest, best care for in the city. And where is that town that hired a female police chief, black or white, and she cleaned up the town, and got rid of all the criminals? Now show me the section of town where all the unwed mothers live and the children are above average and the neighborhood is safe, because it is crime free and very clean. For the last 50 years I have been looking for areas that meet the above requirements, so far, I have not located one as yet. I was told that I should go back to Messachusetts  and someone can direct me to a section of town where Lesbians live and I will see my first section of homes that is occupied by mostly females, yet is crime free, peaceful and quite.


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