Call Center:Use the Phone, Earn Money

by James Jett

When, I published this Post promising to create jobs or an income by answering phone calls for pay and profits. At the far front of my thinking was a Call Center, Because, I believe that is the best way to earn an income, by receiving and answering phone calls for people ordering goods and services via the phone. There are needs for it and it’s growing each day, we order almost everything we use in our daily life by making a phone call. Or we answered the phone and said, no, I do not need anything right now, I have not rototilled the garden yet, (or whatever) but since you got me on the phone send me two packages of the early mustard seeds. On the other hand, If you call to buy an item and have it shipped, the person answering the phone could be working for a call center. The function of that person’s job is just to take your order and enter it into the computer so the store stocking the item can ship it to you.

When I published this post, I had in mind a business that would provide a total range of services and products that can be drop-shipped so you would not stock any inventory. By planning to provide every service and a good inventory of personal and household products, you will be able to grow your business operating out of your home when possible. You could have something to sell to anyone and everyone that call the Call Center. An example, every two years I order one of each color wool socks, over the calf and one size fits all! I order them when they are on-sale by looking in the catalog and calling the phone number to place my order. These socks are in service from October the first year to May the next year. If I fail to order these socks in any two-year period, the older pairs start to wear thin. Another example, When looking thru the stack of catalogs I saw a black raincoat with a matching hat, I ordered the set only to be called and told that the hat was out of stock, but they can ship the coat and I could try to get the hat if and when they restock it. The last example, my grandchildren gave me a Parka, (well their parents did!) very expensive, no lining was in the box, when I opened it. I call immediately and they told me I could not get the lining until the next season, so I put it on back order and waited until the next season. The next season, no lining, I called immediately and they said “it is not in stock, it is discontinued, but we will check at some of the stores, maybe we can find one for you. No luck! And I went for four seasons without the lining for my Parka. I went on line and printed a return slip, filled it out and packed the parka with the return slip and shipped it to the store. Six days later, I received my new Parka, at No charge to me, and it’s a delight to wear.

Any call center, worth its standing in the business world could have handled the three cases above for me and I would benefit because I would have things;  needed in life because someone was at work earning a living while providing a service to me. At the same time, providing service too others while creating jobs that provide a living wage for the employees! It takes just one person to start a call center and it can grow to as many as you develop work for and supervise. Just call the stores that use answering services, call centers and individuals to answer the phone and take the orders.

A Call Center is not something we are planning to do, only you can determine if it will work for you!


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