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President-Elect, Race and Immigration

by James Jett

Now that the people in this nation have elected a man that says he is Black, for President of these United States I am going to talk in the future postings about race and color! I am taking this approach because my more than fifty-year-old sons and daughter tell me that people younger in age are not aware of the rules, laws and requirements that make one person white and the other one black, brown, red or yellow. Maybe at some point in these posts we will answer the question: who is the first black President? Or here in the New York Times, where President Warren Harding is accused of covering up his family’s past.

When I talk to people about race, I try to engage them on the facts that all the reports I read about population growth, states that the white race is declining in numbers and the nonwhites are increasing.  Immigrants are arriving in the united States in record numbers, both legal and illegal, from almost every country on this earth, and some think, from other Planets. The people I see on television discussing the folks from out-of-space never invite them (the folks from out of space) and they meet and talk with them alone, never in the presence of another earthling like you and me. Since none of these visitors from far away never bother stopping by and chat with me or use about their special power or intelligent to contact people on earth,  I will not complain. I am going to take my fellow earthling at face value and assume that on this earth we have Beings from places other than Planet Earth. I am willing to believe them until I can ask the questions: where are  these beings? What are they doing and can I speak with one of them for a minute or two? And if I am not pleased with the answer I will tell the world that these people are meeting and bragging about the ships from out-of-space and the people on those ships  that meet with them and talk to them and give them free, (I guess) physical examinations without inviting the rest of us! It seems that these earthly citizens are getting free physical examination: what else are they getting at no charge? And I can state it here and now, this is a case of discrimination against a nation of wonderful human beings, unless these benefits are provided for the rest of us! Just trying to include everybody and not have a few receive benefits and brag about it on Television at an annual meeting every year!
If any, or some of the above is true, and I have no proof that it is not true, the majority race will be Mexican and other Spanish speaking groups very soon. My eyes and ears tell me that the people from the far east will be the majority group in the United States before the Spanish speaking can reach that plateau. As you read this you probably will not agree with me, because all the reports and forecasts tell us the people from Mexico and other Spanish speaking parts will make up the majority population in the USA in the next fifty years. So if you believe that the whites including the Spanish-speaking whites, will make up the minority group in this country in the future, while the Spanish-speaking nonwhite make up the majority, you and I disagree and I do it with all respect! Let me tell you how and why I disagree, thirty or maybe forty years ago I attended a meeting in Cleveland Ohio, sponsored by the Department of Labor. This was a tri county consortium that included Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake County Ohio and the meeting addressed the need to invite, include and impact the Asians and other minorities from the middle and far East. During a fifteen minute break, I remained seated for a while talking to the other two people from my office, when across the isle a young lady from Korea said to a man from China “we Asians will be large enough to get our own funds if we can get together, there are a lot of Korean, Chinese and Japanese living in this area.” A man seated behind them in the next row said “don’t forget India we are Asian! The lady from Korea said  “that’s right we forget about India, in fact I have never seen anyone from India at the meetings”. These groups are becoming aware of the working of politics, and governments,  and will be able to sustained members of their race in the quest for the American dream. And the six inches between my ears tell me that the Asians are the group that will increase in numbers and have the staying power with wide spread support because they are represented from the top down, come from counties that produce cars at home and here in the United States. Any group that can produce automobiles and provide jobs for Americans, let Americans appear on television, be heard on radio and be covered in news papers and magazines will have both, support and concern, from the people in the neighborhoods and the country at larger. I am convinced that the Identifiable group, that play golf with the leaders of this nation, builds cars, televisions and computers for the rest of us,  will become the majority group in this country. We have time to teach them; as some of us learn, for the first time, that we are a nation of laws, not a nation of men. And we exist for liberty and justice for all


Christmas 2008

by James Jett

I wish you, your family and love ones:
A Marry Christmas
happy New Year