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Christmas 2007: MERRY CHRISTMAS

by James Jett
I hope you and your love ones are having a happy, safe and enjoyable Christmas!

Reflection on the Families

by James Jett

Yesterday (Friday) I finally got my computer running again and today I got my e-mail so I could access it from this out of town location. It took me two days, at least two hours each day on the chat site with Time Warner of Ohio or Northeast Ohio to get all the information I needed to access my e-mail accounts. That, after my computer just became slower and slower, until it just stopped. Since the system stopped responding I could not backup the last three posts I was writing, so now I must puzzle my brains to recall just what I was saying about Jenna Bush and Britney Spears. Two very rich white women that have received a lot of media attention in the pass and continue to receive it, but now for different reason!
In the pass media reports, especially by the libel media, you would think that, the two young white women’s life styles and goals ran parallel in the same direction. The tabloid reporting about bar hopping, drinking and wild parties almost every week. Both, I believe, are from Texas and would be happy that they are from the state that the president or the United State call home. Not so, because one of them (Britney Spears) made a statement to the press about the fact that she and the President came from the same state. In that press report she says she was shame to be from the same state as President Bush, the President of these United States. If I remember the report correctly, she was stating or implying that she was (or is) somewhat above the President because of her standing with the people of the world. The press gave it a lot of space in news papers and magazines, and lots of coverage on television and radio. When I would see, hear or read any report about the matter it seemed that the people reporting had a lot of glee in their voices and words and video that highlighted the success and many accomplishments of Britney Spears, while listing the many things they like to point out as failures of the President of the United States.
Every thing we do becomes a part of our history, as the information above is a part of their ( the two young ladies) history, and it’s the part that you have a lot of control over while you are with the living, when you die? You can only hope that the historians get the stories correct and complete. While still living, they should make sure there are more good deeds to report and fewer bad behaviors too be recorded in the story of their life. Because that is what people will review when making a decision about the action to take for or against you. Just now, I can always pray, for young people, who are enjoying financial success and taking part in some of life’s pleasures, that they see their way clear to consider things they can do to help others that are desperately in need. Because of my experiences in life I can’t get excited about what you say, but I am very much concern about what you do. On three occasions, I had someone that I love tell me what they were going to do when I was trying to show both love for them and concern about them: one said “yes I believe you love me but you stop telling me about my drinking.” This is after we had very friendly discussions over a two-year period, I left town and joined the army, a year into my training the Red Cross called and told me my Father was dead. Another love-one told me “I have someone I like to have sex with and I am going and have sex with them” then they told me where to go! This after pointing out over the years that their behaviors could mean that they will get a deadly disease or end up dead in some unknown location unless they stop immediately. The third relative told me, “yes I can get a full time job, but I don’t want to work all the time like the rest of you fools” My father is the only one that is died the others are still living and receiving both love and care from people concern about them. When my three children got to be adults, I went to Montgomery Alabama and got my father’s Death Certificate and the report is very clear to anyone reading it: a forty-eight-year-old man that worked on a job as a Baker all his adult life. Almost never missing a day from work, but stayed drunk from Friday night to Sunday morning, died because he took another drink of whiskey after the doctor told him that “if you take another drink of whiskey you are going too die.” Neither his son (me) nor his Grandchildren abuse any type of drugs, legal or illegal. Our concern now is the way we treats the people we are married to and the children born in that family. And we agree, that every spouse is not going to stand-in-the-door if they are afraid of jumping from an aircraft in flight or help clean up the neighborhood to rid it of all the people committing crimes. In the discussion I told them that if I wake up fifteen or twenty years from now and the election for President of the United State is only five months away and two women are candidates for the highest job in the land, one is Jenna Bush and the other is Britney Spears. With all I have experienced and know about the need for the best person to have that job, because the President needs to focus loyalty first to the citizens then to the nation, making sure that all laws are enforced that enable us to live in peace and enjoy freedom, while making many decisions even to go to war when necessary! I am voting for Jenna Bush.