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Preacher King: or Man For Peace and Justice!

by James Jett

Preacher King: or Man for Peace and Justice:
E-mail I receive everyday dealing with how business and political entities should relate to the buying public, mostly how companies should relate to the customers. Usually the customers mention the most is in an identifiable group. Therefore tend to live in areas that are home for a large segment of that particular group. Blacks living in the enter-cities are joined by other people immigrating from other countries. It is easy to determine if the numbers of people immigrating from other countries are increasing. You simply go outdoors and look. With the ease of identification by racial groups, many members of the Black communities are growing concern because this nation refuses to show the same welcome signs to people from Jamaica, Haiti and Africa. People from those countries are deported immediately if they are here illegally. Now people in the Black communities are beginning to ask questions about the welcome mat for some, while others are turned back and deported! I keep waiting for someone like Rev. Sharpton to tell the Blacks how mass immigration will benefit them. When it seems that everyone’s relatives can come to this country but theirs. I wait too here from him on the benefits Blacks and others will gain from immigration, but I do see some change in the subjects he discusses on the air. One woman questioned my praise for Rev. Sharpton, in the way he prayed and addressed the gathering at the Jena 6, gathering, when the student gained his freedom after the large and peaceful crowd assembled in Jena, LA. I had two reasons for praising him one, the prayer he prayed, and two. He told them he didn’t want any “high fives.” So you can be evaluated base on which Preacher-king you support. My records show, that in the pass I have tried to be on the side of equal justice under the law. After that my views and values part company with those of the Reverends, and are based on my own core-values. Who knows, maybe they will demonstrate for peace and justice in the future, and stop chasing racial-ghosts. I recall, one of my associates telling me a lady at a book review said to him as he signed the book for her: “why do you knock Rev. Jackson? , He is all we have, no one else is doing any thing” To me that is very sad, for someone to feel that everything else is of no account: only the things the Rev. Jackson Is doing is important.
When the illegals prevail, the percentage of votes cased, both locally and nationally, by Blacks will decrease. Then the statements made by the intelligent, beautiful and wise Donna Brazille will no longer be true, if I heard her correctly when she said that “the Black voters can decide who will be the next President of the United States of America.” Just eight short years from now the number of Black elected officials will decrease by 50% unless someone turns this head long race too amnesty around and start requiring everyone to come into this country legally. And stops threaten the living standards of Blacks already here. What Blacks man or Woman can change the decline in living standards for the Blacks living in this country? I believe it will take a team: we should start with Mr. Crosby, Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint and Warren Balitime on WERE Radios. These three are already in the field, as well as others that I will name in the future. No, I don’t subscribe to everything they advocate, but just now, their voices are helpful! Some think they are the change this country needs right now and on into the future!


The Media: Juan Williams, Bill O’Reilly

by James Jett

Understanding Business: Bill O’Reilly, Juan Williams

This is how the rich get richer and the poor seek well fare and handouts! Aided by the liberal media, the poor and not so poor get in a heated debate about what someone said and what it means, if what they said is about Black owned and operated businesses. And, if what they say is praise and expressed pleasure, the liberal media will report that the person made a racial statement by praising the business as if a Black is not capable of operating a business as well as a White. So the praise is not to give credit to the person, but to imply that they some how function above liberal controlled Blacks and is deemed abnormal, as far as liberal controlled Blacks are concern. That thinking is the daily assignment for the media in general but required duty for the Liberals in the media, that is why they quickly trot out someone to attack if you praise a Black owned and well managed business establishment.

In a poor neighborhood, when there is a tragedy, the media find the unhealthiest looking person and put them on camera for the world to see. Therefore declaring to the entire world that this is how they all look, and with this tragedy, now you see how they all act. And they have maintained this control for the many years I have been on this earth. This is the message the media want to present each day about the Black minority in this Country. Frankly I was merely shocked, but very happy (another happy Negro?) Meaning without major problems: when I heard 2 men (count them — 2, Black, both Host a radio show each day, appear on TV shows regularly to answer question and take part in debates. On theLou Dobbs Show, (Kitty Pilgrim hosting) answer questions about illegal immigrants coming to this country and staying without ever becoming legal. Without quoting them, I will report what I agree with; they stated that it will impact the Black people in this Country more, because Blacks from other countries is not accorded the same opportunities. The 2 men are: Warren Ballentine, WERE Radio—Joe Madison,WOL Radio—and a White: Charles Cayette, did not put his station call letters up at the time I wanted to list them!

What should have happen? Instead of attacking like a trained dog, the first thing on my mine would have been concern for the business owner — all you need as an owner of a business that depend on customers come in, or walk-in-customers, is to have some incident that cause them to stay away. Right here, just now, I want to praise Rev. Sharpton because he choose to go to the Famed Harlem Restaurant, Sylvia’s, instead of some place that O’Reilly may have preferred. There are still so called successful Blacks that will not take a White customer or Client to a Black Restaurant. Why?, because they fear the customer may feel you pick the low class eatery to bring me for lunch, my business must mean very little to you! The good fortune is all of these people can benefit from this debate turn discussion, because they either have something to sell or the liberal media will pay them (I hope) to come on and aid them in the effort to dethrone Bill O’Reilly. It is pass time for this debate, and if they are going to have a discussion let it begin here!

When I started this post I said this is good, I will not have to attack anyone tonight, as luck will have it, I am wrong! Really, it will be painless because it is Juan Williams, that have strayed and no one else. Mr. Williams I have listen to you and watched you over the pass (what) 10 years and I know you understand business and how things work when you need to promote your company on the various media outlets. No doubt in my brain—you know better, yet you wrote your post and did not mention the Famed Restaurant, Sylvia’s in this post. We want help a Sister promote her business even if it will cost us nothing! Yet in this post, it was made clear that they went to the Famed Restaurant, Sylvia’s