Changing Neighborhoods and Bad Behavior

by James Jett

Some things are occurring in my neighborhood that are new and somewhat threatening, if we the citizens working and living in this city fail to act and act convincingly. While the bad behavior  represent a few, we better make sure the city leaders, elected and appointed have the means to handle it.  Teenagers stealing, will stop, immediately. Working with the schools, churches and other community organizations to convince everyone working with children, mainly the parent and teachers, that stealing is a crime, not be tolerated. Under no condition or status, legal or illegal will this type of behavior be tolerated.
When I returned from the Hospital 30 days ago and turned  my street, I saw a neighbor with her son and five other children approaching my house, It was around 7:30pm when I pulled into the driveway as they stood on the sides near the driveway. My neighbor asked if the older boy could go in my backyard to look for his bike because two kids had stolen it and ran when spotted and hid it in my backyard. I gave them permission to go back and look for the bike. When they returned without the bike, I told them to make sure all items they owned that outside be marked with an identifying mark so if stolen they could prove it belongs to them. The neighbor’s son told them to call the police immediately before the young thefts return and take the bike in the dark. As the boy called the police I explained to my neighbor that I had just returned from the hospital after taking more than a 4 hour stress tests, and I needed to get some rest. She and her son told me if I needed any thing from the store or a drug store let them know. I thanked them and went in, took a shower and hit the hay. Around 9:45pm my neighbors’ straight across the street called, I woke up, look at the number on the caller ID dial and answered the phone. After asking why all the people came up to my house, and I explained that someone stole a bike and hid it in the trees behind my house but the boys were unable to find it. She said well they found it, “the police and two boys are coming from the back of your house now.” I said that’s good and went back to sleep.
In an article in the Plain Dealer, not more than 10 years ago I said that I could still sleep in my front yard with $20 dollar bills hanging out off my pocket and no one would bother me. But, I added quickly, “it’s starting to change”now I must realize that the new people moving into this community are not from neighborhoods that believed in a good quality of life and respect for personal property. Just weeks ago a kid with his pants down below his but threatens an old woman with a baseball bat in one of the clean and well care for parks in this city. Youngsters from the city next to us came over to use our basketball courts and was using and selling drugs on the play grounds. I believe this alerted the citizens in this city and prompted them to take action. They probably remembered the invasion-like move-in by people from the enter-city of Cleveland and East Cleveland Ohio into Euclid. The citizens met, the elected and appointed officials met and together agreed to stop the problem before it became difficult to control. Now we should encourage and keep up good behavior as we enforce our laws. If we fail to do so our problems will be the same as problems as in the Euclid Ohio that had an influx of enter-city residences move in and occupy large areas in apartments and low-cost houses. Moving in many  people in a short span of time can destroy a neighborhood, if they have never lived in anything but run down neighborhoods. Thirty years later they met neighborhood deterioration. Later, the city decided to knock down all the apartment buildings and rebuild as a single family resident. When the Feds tried to encourage the Mayor to build affordable homes, the Mayor answered, “I have enough affordable home, what I need is unaffordable homes.”Now the Mayor of Euclid, City Councilmen and other city officials engaged in a plan with the Federal Government to change the makeup of the wards so that Blacks can get elected to office. Here, a personal note: I would feel less than hold, if I would get elected to anything because I could not appeal to an identifiable group. Unless it’s to bring in republicans and independents, I would rather run on a plan that would change the minds of the voters!


2 Comments to “Changing Neighborhoods and Bad Behavior”

  1. DrulaPauroseak:

    I am sure there are others that see the light as well as we can. At my age, I can say that I have notice on a regular daily and weekly schedule, reports in and by the media telling us that a candidate for political office will not receive enough votes to get elected because they are a different color or race. Others in the organizations with me also notice that the media not only reported that, say, a black could not win, because the ward, city or district did not have enough Black voters to put him or (in those days, sometimes her) over the top in a run for an office that any registered voter could cast his or her vote for, totally in private and in secret. Yet today we have a President elect that is part White and part African. Now I am starting to hear that if our next President had not been part white he would not have received enough votes from the White voters to get elected to the office of President of the United State of America.

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