Illegal Aliens: And The People Controlling Them!

by James Jett

Somewhat reluctantly the media report the facts about the illegal immigrants that are murdering some of the citizens in this country while receiving protection and legal help from others. American citizens are being murdered by illegal immigrants that would not be in this country if the Federal Government had done the job it is legally tasked to do. Will the media give a complete report on the people that provide all the money used to pay for the legal and economic help these illegal immigrants receive for any crime they commit. It seem they have people willing to donate money and time to support them (the illegal immigrant) in any and all of life’s endeavors. For this group or groups to respond as rapidly and efficiently as they have thus far, require a well run and well funded operation. I tried to anticipate the problems with illegal immigrants in this post.
Therefore when you hear about a businessman required to move his business because the illegal immigrants need the space and he can not speak the language, or a neighborhood totally avoided as far as postings in the media about job openings. And Communities going-to-bat to get college enrollment and other family benefits for illegal immigrants, while the local minorities are uneducated, poor and unemployed, just remember they have a community— maybe a nation helping and backing them to get everything they need to stay in this country legally or illegally. Question, why are they coming here? What do they want? Are they really here to get a job and send money back to support their families in Mexico? Or, are they here because an organized group think this is the best way to get control of a country that rightfully belong to them?
As I read news articles, blogs and watch tv reports, I get the feeling these people are part of a plan to take control of a large segment of this country’s territory. That is legal and can be done by any group that can get enough votes in the coming elections. People here illegally can not vote and should not take part in the elections in this country until they earn legal status. Yet by default many groups control communities and businesses because the legal residents are asleep or busy watching and listening to the parade of garbage that the liberal media provide to keep them occupied. Daily, States and Cities provide more safe-havens as racial tensions increase in areas where illegals and citizens live in conflict, and both communities and businesses will pay a price for the destruction.


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