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Tavis Smiley: Blacks and Others

by James Jett

Just getting some tasks out of the way so I can get some books read and make some notes for futures posts, when on C-span one night I stopped to listen to Tavis Smiley being interviewed by Brain Lamb. This prompted me to read Tavis Smiley’s book THE COVENANT, a #1 New York Times Bestseller: Introduction by TAVIS SMILEY. I received this book for fathers day and got as far as Page 12. Two people autographed the book, and if the second autograph is the person I am told it is, I could sell this book and make some money. I am not listing the person in this post because they didn’t know the book was for me, for that matter Mr. Smiley didn’t know it was for me he probably signed it because it was for someone’s father day! So now that you know this is not a book report we can tell you why I am writing this post. It will not mean anything If I recommend everyone should get a copy and read it, then use it daily in doing the things he recommended in the book. Unless you are someone like me that have had a health program since my 12th birthday violated at age 17 and again around age 42. At age 17 I ate the wrong food and at age 42 I ate too much of the right food. Yet even I can benefit by referring to the statistics recorded in the book and the other information about health, income, education and relations.

My problem is with the answer he gave to Brain Lamb: when Brain Lamb told him that usually you hold applauds until everybody has been introduced. This question was asked about a minute after I turned on the TV and after the answer I switched to the weather so I could plan my work in the garden the next day. So I heard only part of the question and all of the answer. And I still cannot understand the answer if Mr. Smiley said that he did not ask the Black people at the debate for the presidential candidates to hold applauds until all the candidates had been introduced, because Blacks are too emotional, that Blacks are emotional people and would not withhold the applauding even if he had asked them to do so. By training, experience and practice I totally disagree with him if he is talking about all Black people. If he is only talking about that small minority that has no respect for any rules or standards regardless to how long they have been in use and relied on to insure that procedures are fair and just, I agree with him because there are some Blacks and, for the records, other identifiable groups that have nothing going for them but their emotions and usually that is set on fight, flight or uncontrolled pleasure.

The large majority of us can honor a request, carry out agreed to orders and adhere to just laws. I am sure Mr. Smiley can do all these and do them well. In this country you don’t hold the positions he holds and enjoy being a millionaire like he is if you didn’t have some discipline. (I know he is a millionaire because he told Bill O’Reilly he had a million dollars.) When he appeared on the Bill O’Reilly Show some years ago, he said he had a million dollars and he knew where he got it from! . All most daily I hear about some procedure, some rule that Blacks will not adhere to: be it keeping themselves fit, eat the right food, taking care of the property they own or are buying. Yet those things can be said and is said about other identifiable groups and some times they are true. I am going to travel this country looking for communities, towns, cities, counties or in rare cases states where Blacks or other Identifiable groups live and hopefully control and compare them with the (SO call) majority standards. Because I am told that the Blacks track behind in most of them. Yet I went to Yazoo, Mississippi and stayed three night and visited the graveyard, church, school and the home of some of the residents, and yes I pass the jail where the border guards are serving their sentence and toured the downtown area. The whole towns were cleaned and polished including the graveyard where my Grandchildren’s Grand father is buried. (The other one) No police sirens, no trash on the streets of course they did have two reunions scheduled for that weekend!


Prisoners and Youth Farm Workers

by James Jett

Both politics and the media are talking daily about workers in this country being replaced by illegal immigrants because they will “do work that Americans refuse to do.” My experience is the American workers would like higher pay, and better working condition. In businesses where I had to employ from the label force in that city or town I always had good experience with the people we hired as long as we selected carefully and provided them with the training necessary to do the job.
Last week I heard the report that Labor Secretary Elaine Cho stated words that implied that workers in this country face competition with foreigners because the foreigners bring more to the workplace: more skills, both work ethics and more concern about the product or service provided by the employer. So the company outsource the jobs Americans need to feed themselves and their families in addition to saving for retirement. Sometime over halfway through your career you get terminated and need to find a job that will enable you to maintain your present life style for yourself and your love ones. This can be difficult if the jobs you are skilled in is being outsourced at a rapid pace. Usually without any concern for its workers a company transfers the jobs to a company in India or elsewhere without any concern for the welfare of the employees. Among the lower incomes, especially the Black youths, unemployment is at or above 20 percent someone said in an e-mail I received “if unemployment had been this high forty or fifty years ago, people would be out in the streets protesting.”
Starting with this group, (the Black youth) you could use the farm as a training camp with some changes in both attitudes and operations, first you would need training for the owners, then start the youth working with the vegetables. For the first time in their life some of the overweight and untrained youth in this country would know where vegetables come from and how they get to the grocery store. They would also learn that people usually work at least eight hours per day. The farmers would learn that anyone coming on the farm with the right information and understand it is to benefit them, in this case the youth, will do a day’s work for a good day”s pay. The farmers would learn that these are human beings not wild animals and both the workers and the owners are responsible for getting the food to the market making sure it is safe for human to consume! I am entering this in the computer totally aware that both of these groups are not aware of the amount of care and concern needed to insure that food is safe for the citizens to eat. Just watch the news or read the many publications it will make you wonder, how a person can own a farm and yet be totally unaware of the danger to human life if he is careless in his farming habits. I said in an earlier post that people in jail could be used to work on the farms instead of illegal immigrants, today on some tv station I watch about fifteen minutes as women prisoners worked on the farms with more to come in the futures because other farmers asked to participate, according to the report.


American Legion and Illegals Immigrants

by James Jett

I have been watching the processes in the efforts to get a bill pass by the Senators that would give amnesty to the illegal aliens: paying attention to the many senators that are determine to help these people improve themselves by becoming citizens in these United States. At the same time I am trying to find someone that can tell the VA (Veteran Administration ) that I did serve in the Korean War, in combat with the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team. And can state that they were present the day a puff of gray smoke blow dirt into my face and when we got to the supply tent the assistant squad leader said to me “your eyes are blooded you better see the Medic.” I need one of the men in that company to tell the VA that they remember when I returned from the hospital and we stayed on the front lines until December 1952.

The VA is working with me to determine if I am telling a lie, or the above did, in fact, happen. But the VA makes it very clear that I must locate someone that served in Korea with me or present some proof, once I give them the information they will decide if I should get classified as a veteran with a service related disability. My Army records was totally destroyed by fire in 1976, just ashes remained, (my navy reserve records are intact, I have a copy) so I can not prove that I went to the hospital for the same reason the VA can not prove that I did or did not go to Yongdung-po, Korea, and that Capt. Miller (Doc Miller) evacuated me and two medic drove me in a jeep to the hospital, Evac 21 or 421. Last week I mailed my medical history to the VA starting with age 16, till the present, with signed permission for the VA to get copies of my medical history to aid in proving or disproving my claim.

So seeing all those Senators working hard, debating, appearing on television trying to help the illegal aliens make me wonder why I can not get a mass group of elected officials to help me. What timing, just today I received an invitation to join the American Legion, correction, I received a Certificate of Nomination, that read as follow, “upon meeting the strict requirements set forth by the CONGRESS of the UNITED STATES shall thereby be accepted for official membership in the American Legion”. In my working years I belonged to server all male organizations that provided community service as well as personal development, membership in them proved to be a worthwhile effort. But I never joined a veteran’s group. With this invitation and the list of Korean Veteran Organizations provide by the VA, I will give membership some consideration. Maybe the American Legion can help me, they suddenly have the right stand as far as illegal immigration is concern. Here: this is what the American Legion say about illegal immigration.