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Media Education and Illegals

by James Jett

The past three weeks have been day and night meeting trying to give each person the role that fits both training and desire. In the total plan my role is to keep the rivers flowing with more pristine water and less debris, by providing the best information for making wise and just decisions. I will attempt to do that by including the post and publishing on the internet as the way I can get information to everyone as soon as its ready for distribution. And make sure it’s reliable so that we can use it in our daily life and business plans.

This effort is necessary because I am convinced that the elected and appointed politicians, and let us include the media, are telling us lies mostly and what we want to hear when we ask a lot of questions. We need facts from both groups so we can make the choice that will be a benefit not a detriment. Both parents and grandparents are making many decisions about education, neighborhoods and safety for the children and grandchildren and should be assured that the information is reliable. Just take the cost of education, many news reports cover the facts that some school are favoring the banks and lending institutions over the parents. While these institutions are charging a higher rate on the interest because of the unjust relationship (my opinion) with those institutions.

All the above is reported in the media while reporting favorable on illegal immigrants and their ability to get into college in many states at cost less than what a citizen is required to pay. The media with total control over the content tell about the great efforts, of many civic, church and neighborhood groups, to get the best deal possible for the illegals while ignoring the citizens in these United States. These are the facts that I will report in an effort to make these groups aware that if the citizens stop supporting these schools, churches and civic organizations they will Cease to exist.