Illigal Border Crossings -Why?

by James Jett

When I went outside to water the plants in the front of the house this morning, I heard on the radio my wife was listen to, that they had raided the area where illegal aliens reside and arrested some illegals. The reporter said that the people here in the city of Painesville, Ohio now knows that they can expect ICE to show up any time because they are here illegally. The number arrested, (I believe) is six and the reporter said the others are held up in homes. When the reporters ask them if they plan to leave the area, they said no,” we don’t plan to leave the area or the country”. What loyal support these folks enjoy, being a Christian I can tell you I would not fine this much support in a church where I have been a member for years. And I am not here illegally.

With the support of many groups and the courage to cross the border when they know other have died attempting the same journey, inform me that this is a crazy, dangers and (I believe) sinful effort to bring people into this country that will give elected politicians the power they need to do the bidding of the rich and powerful while thumbing their noses at the people that voted them into office. Why let these human beings take this risk some time with children crossing the border when they could back a bus up to the gate and give the order “get a board” and the bus would be packed with people wanting to come to America? I wonder, can there be a reason, just got to be a reason, the people in this country that claim to love these immigrants and open safe havens for them once they arrive, permit them to risk everything to get here! I just don’t have the answer, that’s why I asked other that sell houses, build building and etc. —-a group of people I share e-mail with and talk by phone with, at times. Why let people come here illegally? I get different answers but all the answers mean the same thing that I sum up in one word (control) they need to retain control on them so they can be insured of their serves for many years. Now it starts to make sense, when I remember the lady from Porta Rico that came to Cleveland to get out the Latinos vote in the last election. She said on TV that day speaking to the small group around her, “You must go vote, the problem is we don’t vote”

With the support from citizens and non citizens in this country plus the liberal news media they have a large number of Senators and Congressman working hard to provide them with everything from welfare to education, and a job guarantee as long as they report to work – – -unless they are protesting for the right to become citizens or some other civic duty like demanding medical and education benefits that American Citizens don’t want or want use. Without an education, citizenship or legal status they can move the National elected Government to work hard to meet all their needs and the needs of they love ones. All because they work hard and do jobs citizens will not do and I guess they become foremen because American refuse to, started businesses that we fail or refuse to start, get financing that we fail to qualify for and take over a neighborhood that is unoccupied or only citizens live and work there. Yet I am encouraged once I recover from despair, and look at what a non citizen can accomplish in this great country and go to work knowing that I, as a Citizen can, and maybe must, Accomplish twice as much living in these United States.


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