Good News and Immigration

by James Jett

Over the weekend almost every news cast had a report on the progress, or lack of progress, depending on the news cast I listening to or watched. I haven’t had time to read the news papers, but will get to them later this week. Then I heard the Senators debating discussing and sometime promoting the ideal of giving legal status to the illegal aliens in this country. “This country’s food and housing depend on these people” says some of the politicians, while others argue that “we can’t send them back to their own country, because the public don’t want to see them rounded up and forced to return home.”
At that very moment I became aware that the elected officials are very selective about obeying the “public”: when the will of the public and the politics of the elected officials are the same they insist on obeying the public, but when the overwhelming majority want the illegal aliens to return home and the borders secured, the people they elected (the politician) use every trick possible to avoid doing the will of the people, by claiming they (the politicians) know what’s best for the people that voted them into office. When I see and hear this level of concern for the United States coming from the elected and appoint officials plus the people elected in Mexico advising this country on procedures pertaining to our immigration policies, I wonder where is the concern for the poor Mexican people that have not yet made it across the border? Maybe they have a NAAMP (National Association For The Advancement of Mexican People), and maybe chapters in every country is working 24/7 to improve the life and livelihood for the people in Mexico waiting to cross the border into the greatest country presently on planted-earth. If they have search organizations why don’t the Media report about them and tell people in this country to join or start a chapter. I would be glad to join and work hard to improve Mexico to the point it look and live like America. Then all the people would be trying to return home, but would encounter a problem because millions of American would be going to Mexico on vacation and failing to return to this country. Now prosperous and enjoying low unemployment, Mexico would demand that the US Citizens return home and respect Mexico’s immigration policies.

Since I am not comfortable depending on slave label to keep this country the best place for law abiding human beings to live, I wonder what could one brag about when discussing the immigrants. And three things came to mind, first I remembered a conversation with the cable man about four months ago when he came to check on the TV because we could not get some stations on screen. After checking the cable and TV inside he said the problem was outside in the connection box on the pole, as I let the garage door up I noticed it had started to rain — and said to the Cable man “ I hope it stay light like this until you finish” He said “this is nothing “ and I quickly stated “you should not complaint because they will say that your job is a job that Americans don’t want to do”— “that’s what they say when they want to take your job”. He said they are already taking over, in Painesville (30 miles East of Cleveland) they have took over a whole section you see nothing but Spanish restaurants and hear Spanish music”. Second, In down town Cleveland the Korean people have opened stores and shops . I am told it is more than a six block area. And third in a Suburb in New York the Spanish speaking people have more than a block of the main street down town occupied in retail stores, and yet not a single one have been elected to office. The Mayor (who is a White male) stated he welcome this type of investment and will work to get some Hispanics elected to office. This is good news because I am working to start and expand businesses in my family, so I will visit some of these locations.


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