Immigration, lies and truths

by James Jett

The elected officials are trying to agree on the bill that will enable this country to control immigration and secure our borders, hopefully, on both the Mexican and Canadian Border. If they succeed it could mean we are finally safe from people coming to this country and staying without anyone knowing their names or why they are here. Any bill passed by the legislator and signed by the President should mandate a hundred percent reduction in the illegal border crossings. This can be accomplished by having stiff fines both financial and a long confinement.

But first they have to pass the bill and the President have to sign it: to get to that point the legislators will hear from many concerned citizens and probably, non-citizens, all telling them their reasons for wanting a law that control our borders and not give amnesty to illegal aliens. Others telling them that the people in this country illegally is hard working and add value to our economy , theyfore should have a pass to citizenship. Still others will say that illegals crowd our school, overrun the emergency rooms at hospitals and clinics. Cost the tax payers money due to increase costs in jails and police service. Many arrive with decease and infect the local school children while the illegals act as carriers. These are some of the problems we will face for the next fifty years.

Then what? Foreign born will have increased to the majority and will start to make changes in the financial system, with little or no love for this country and no respect for it’s laws, I am sad to think what decisions they will make about the Social Security System and other in-place benefits such as retirements and other non-taxed old age insurance. To get the new, but short time citizen,s social security up to a livable monthly income they could means-test the Social Security or redistribute the retirement and pension funds. The fact that they should be protected by the laws on the books will not mean much to some one who came here illegally in the first place. If a national law can be broken to get them in without any enforcement who will be around to stop them from making the changes that will provide them a living wage and retirement. The answer is no one! That’s why we should let the illegals return home though one gate and hire the poor and people leaving the jails each day and pay them a livable income. If we screen these groups and place them in jobs and provide good on-the-job training you will get people that is well documented and have an understanding that one should obey the laws. It will be a lot less costly on our economy plus far less taxing on the law enforcement and school systems.


2 Comments to “Immigration, lies and truths”

  1. Let’s hope it fails. I don’t it to pass by the Congress.

  2. I agree: Dear Aunaetitrakul
    All the welcome mats are out and all the doors are open so people can come to this country legally, we need the borders secured and require everyone to come legally.

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