The Media:Fight Fox with Fox

by James Jett

It is good to see and hear the concern this nation has for the family, friend and neighbors that are mourning for the die and with the rest of us praying for the wounded at Virginia Tech. Even the media got-it-right, at least the first day. The next day, I didn’t need to know how bad the killer was, I needed to hear how good we are as a nation. As I watched, I continue to see small changes in the media. Some of the other tv stations are starting to look a lot like Fox Television, in other words they have begun to fight fox-with-fox. I see changes in the sets, changes in the settings and changes in the “on the air personnel.” Last month I would hit the remote every fifteen minutes to see if I could detect any changes in the content. Did I see a change in the things I hear and the things I see? If yes, do I feel the changes represented improvements? Well, since I see very little value or benefits in the media I am not ready to say if the changes will improve so that the listeners and viewers will hear and see information and images that can be used to make better decisions and plan a better life for themselves and their families. So, I will decide later!

The reason it will take months if not years to change the media, they are stuck in the mode that “bad is better” and an unsightly image is the way you get ratings climbing to the roof. That’s why most people on tv look like they are “regulars” on Jerry Springer or Maury’s (Connie Chung’s husband) show. Just to name two! To prove that I have evaluated these shows over time, Connie’s husband show do have some (a little) social value. If we are going to watch television, listen to radio and read magazines, news papers, books and other publications just to learn about the bad, the ugly, the uneducated and evil people among us, we are only ten years away from a third world, subhuman existence. We are headed in that direction because the media use the number of people watching or listening to determine how much they will earn for each commercial. This is also true because it takes humans a short time to learn to act-out against things that are good while tolerating the things that are bad. So no one calls the police when the bully takes the little lady bag or rob the ten-year-old, take his bike and ride away.

Do I need a scrubbed and polished media? No. I just need to hear factual information about the things that improves or threaten our support systems—traveling, drinking water, medical, health and law enforcement . . . the list can be extended. Just a short list of shows that I watched because they tend to accomplish that, at least most of the time. “Both Sides” I think that was the name of the show and Rev. Jessie Jackson was the Host. Each time I watched that show I heard both sides and the people talked like civilized human beings. Here I am listening to, and watching a show hosted by a Preacher King that spend a lot of resources telling Blacks where the starting line is, but never tell them how to run and finish the race. Another show, “Political Incorrect” Hosted by Bill Maher, He would have two people on one side that supported the same view opposing the two people on the other side. Again, I watched a show hosted by a person that has said only two things that I can agree with as long as I watched his show, one when he talked about the people that control the television networks and two when he talked about people that control the advertising dollars.


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