Education and The Far East

by James Jett

My friend rents an apartment in China. His golfing buddy just returned from China last week. This activity and last week’s post are keeping China on my mind. All the talk about the United States owe so much money to the Country of China until we may some day be required to get up in the morning and bow toward the east.

Knowing the relationship this country and the large businesses have with China tell us that it is a market for the right products or our future masters. Since we are not in charge of Foreign Relation, we are looking at it as a market. Personally I have some questions, so we started the discussions. One question, what did you see in China that indicate change and opportunities? He stated that an eyes popping, but a small problem is illegal aliens, students from Africa enroll in the Universities over-stay their Visas When China tries to deport them they get married to a China’s citizen. My next question, how do they (the people in China) view America? His answer: “they are coming, their numbers are in the billions so expect them in this country (the US) in great numbers”. I have heard discussions about plane loads come to work on Electronic equipment and only half return to China. I am told that no one in this Country knows how many people from that powerful nation live in the United States. Many talking heads on TV believe that China is, all but, invading Africa not just doing business with them.

We will continue to notice as the Chinese move to other Countries, but we are looking for markets and there are a lot of people in China. Education will be key in during business here and abroad, so we are planning schools that will respond to demands by the medical and computer fields. My observation is unless parents get involved in improving the education received by their children this country will become a third-world-country. Now I am told that Oprah is going to build a school for boys and girls in South Africa. India is trying to get a lock on Math and Computer Science. Mexico is assured, they will have the middle and lower- class jobs, so we better qualify for the upper-middle and top, or learn how to beg for bread and water.


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