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The Media:Fight Fox with Fox

by James Jett

It is good to see and hear the concern this nation has for the family, friend and neighbors that are mourning for the die and with the rest of us praying for the wounded at Virginia Tech. Even the media got-it-right, at least the first day. The next day, I didn’t need to know how bad the killer was, I needed to hear how good we are as a nation. As I watched, I continue to see small changes in the media. Some of the other tv stations are starting to look a lot like Fox Television, in other words they have begun to fight fox-with-fox. I see changes in the sets, changes in the settings and changes in the “on the air personnel.” Last month I would hit the remote every fifteen minutes to see if I could detect any changes in the content. Did I see a change in the things I hear and the things I see? If yes, do I feel the changes represented improvements? Well, since I see very little value or benefits in the media I am not ready to say if the changes will improve so that the listeners and viewers will hear and see information and images that can be used to make better decisions and plan a better life for themselves and their families. So, I will decide later!

The reason it will take months if not years to change the media, they are stuck in the mode that “bad is better” and an unsightly image is the way you get ratings climbing to the roof. That’s why most people on tv look like they are “regulars” on Jerry Springer or Maury’s (Connie Chung’s husband) show. Just to name two! To prove that I have evaluated these shows over time, Connie’s husband show do have some (a little) social value. If we are going to watch television, listen to radio and read magazines, news papers, books and other publications just to learn about the bad, the ugly, the uneducated and evil people among us, we are only ten years away from a third world, subhuman existence. We are headed in that direction because the media use the number of people watching or listening to determine how much they will earn for each commercial. This is also true because it takes humans a short time to learn to act-out against things that are good while tolerating the things that are bad. So no one calls the police when the bully takes the little lady bag or rob the ten-year-old, take his bike and ride away.

Do I need a scrubbed and polished media? No. I just need to hear factual information about the things that improves or threaten our support systems—traveling, drinking water, medical, health and law enforcement . . . the list can be extended. Just a short list of shows that I watched because they tend to accomplish that, at least most of the time. “Both Sides” I think that was the name of the show and Rev. Jessie Jackson was the Host. Each time I watched that show I heard both sides and the people talked like civilized human beings. Here I am listening to, and watching a show hosted by a Preacher King that spend a lot of resources telling Blacks where the starting line is, but never tell them how to run and finish the race. Another show, “Political Incorrect” Hosted by Bill Maher, He would have two people on one side that supported the same view opposing the two people on the other side. Again, I watched a show hosted by a person that has said only two things that I can agree with as long as I watched his show, one when he talked about the people that control the television networks and two when he talked about people that control the advertising dollars.


Mr and Mrs Imus Vs. Basketball Team

by James Jett

The media took steps today too correct. It’s daily error when it terminated the Don Imus Show. No one should call other people names that will be consider an insult by the majority. The next step should be to screen the images and edited the content to remove all images that encourage old and young alike to commit self abuse and welcome video that approve and highlight having sex in the streets like dogs. It’s the money, not the sex, you are talking about a multimillion dollar income when discussing money earned from trafficking in sex. It survive and flourish with maximum support from all media.. It could not, would not, and will not survive without media support.

It took a Basket Ball Coach and those Outstanding, Wonderful, Intelligent Players to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Those of us who look forward to each morning without listen to name calling just for money and a few minutes of notoriety, know this will not be the end, and civility will not replace ignorance until the money and false-fame is stripped from the reward and pleasure it enjoys. I heard Mrs. Imus for a few minutes this morning, (at least they said it was Mrs. Imus) some wonderful woman, she told the listener and the viewers not to send hate-mail to the basketball players, send it to her Husband! I believe Don Imus have done some good work in this Great Country to help others in need, but look, what he had to say and do to earn or raise the money! Are we growing-up a Nation of people that will donate money to keep hosts on the air as long as they say mean things about other Identifiable groups? Would they donate the same or more money if he would use a different language to point out the success or failure of people instead of calling them names? Another question, did he use the word Nappy head to single out the Black Players?

Should Don Imus return to his show? The Basketball Players should decide, he insulted them, so they should make the decision. What they decide will please some of us and upset the others, I will fight for them to have the right to make the call. As for those of us who will feel let down regardless to what they decide, I am not a coward, nor do I need these wonderful people carrying my heavy load, I can and will fend off hate for myself. Yet I will pray that this mean thing will change in the media, and it will be used for the benefit of the Citizens not just to make the rich richer. If it fails to change, my family will continue to prosper at long as “we take the white men’s virtues and not his vices


Education and The Far East

by James Jett

My friend rents an apartment in China. His golfing buddy just returned from China last week. This activity and last week’s post are keeping China on my mind. All the talk about the United States owe so much money to the Country of China until we may some day be required to get up in the morning and bow toward the east.

Knowing the relationship this country and the large businesses have with China tell us that it is a market for the right products or our future masters. Since we are not in charge of Foreign Relation, we are looking at it as a market. Personally I have some questions, so we started the discussions. One question, what did you see in China that indicate change and opportunities? He stated that an eyes popping, but a small problem is illegal aliens, students from Africa enroll in the Universities over-stay their Visas When China tries to deport them they get married to a China’s citizen. My next question, how do they (the people in China) view America? His answer: “they are coming, their numbers are in the billions so expect them in this country (the US) in great numbers”. I have heard discussions about plane loads come to work on Electronic equipment and only half return to China. I am told that no one in this Country knows how many people from that powerful nation live in the United States. Many talking heads on TV believe that China is, all but, invading Africa not just doing business with them.

We will continue to notice as the Chinese move to other Countries, but we are looking for markets and there are a lot of people in China. Education will be key in during business here and abroad, so we are planning schools that will respond to demands by the medical and computer fields. My observation is unless parents get involved in improving the education received by their children this country will become a third-world-country. Now I am told that Oprah is going to build a school for boys and girls in South Africa. India is trying to get a lock on Math and Computer Science. Mexico is assured, they will have the middle and lower- class jobs, so we better qualify for the upper-middle and top, or learn how to beg for bread and water.