Illegal Aliens or Melting Pot?

by James Jett

Every time I post information about Illegal Aliens I ask myself if I have enough personnel information to always post facts and inform the readers? Once I am able to answer yes with notes and images before me, I feel it is wise to proceed as long as I make it clear that I have some concern about the increase of illegal aliens coming to the United State in record numbers. Some placed in work assignments where they are kept in racial groups, in a neighborhood, in a part of town where they see only fifty — or maybe twice that number — people that look different in skin color and facial feature. This is not new, just the number from each country has increased and the number of countries increased over time. The far east is leading, followed by Mexico with the middle east coming in third. These people live, work and sometime pray in this country, out of sight and of the record. When I talk with Americans that encounter them daily I am told that they are hard working and only work in jobs that American’s want-do or is not qualified to hold. Most are here with the support from many organizations, and the rich and powerful. First, what I have seen with my eyes, next what I read, hear and see in the media. Last what I am told by people that should not tell me a lie. People form the Far East, are here, for the most part with the approval of the citizens, partly because they are not aware of the increasing numbers and they receive very little media coverage. The reason, when you make cars, VCR, and other entertainment items desired by people in this country you hold a place that’s special in their eyes. For this and other reasons you can visit parts of Seattle, WA and go to a part of the city observe the people and think you are in the Far East. Get on the Ferry boat, ride for two hours, get off in Canada, again enter the neighborhood and everyone you see other than people on the motor coach with you is of far eastern origin. This is true in at least twenty states in this country. In a Protestant Church’s basement, the seats are full on Sunday and other time of worshiping with people from the far east. This will change when they learn to speak English, and then move up to the Main Sanctuary. Once the Service end all the children, American and Asians join in play.They are here because of the demand for Skilled Workers that’s above most American pay grade. This is true when I visit area where people from India live. They are here because of Skills, not products. That is, I have never seen any cars that were made in India! In the parts of the Middle East where our brave Soldiers do they assigned duties. People from that part of the world cause me great concern, not for my self, but for my Grandchildren and this Nation. I cannot put out the welcome mat for people who dance for joy when their children blow themselves up by having a bomb strapped around their own waists, and kill other human beings.

Legal or Illegal, I believe the people here, (in the United States) from the Far East out number the people here from Mexico. Yet they are all but invisible, the only thing you hear about them is that they can learn and make good grades in the top colleges in this country, Just compare them with a group of US citizens, just consider the total Southern part of this country, call it the South, and ask why they work for Companies owned by people in the Far East, making cars and other products? Why didn’t the South rise-up and design, make and sell cars to say – Japan or Korea? After all, looking at Korea during the war, I, yes even I, didn’t think they could make anything. Somehow they pulled themselves up by their ablility and the will to learn, opened manufacturing plants and make automobiles and sold them to the people in this great country. My question, did they have help? Or did they do it alone? How about all those boys, I mean men and women from the south that I witness lending a hand. And what if the men from the South had said, (as a group) this is a waste of my time and all our lives, so we want go. HOW MANY CARS WOULD THE GREAT COUNTRY OF SOUTH KOREA SELL TOMORROW?


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