Border Guards and Crime

by James Jett

Reading and watching the news reports about the Border Guards that’s servicing time, quite a long time, and they are falsely accused. Almost nightly, Lou Dobbs Show report the number of Congressman and Senators supporting them. In another article, or on TV or Radio show, you can read about all the groups and lawyers making every effort to help and protect the people in this country Illegally.

The Border Guards are in jail because the law enforcement personnel they work with framed them, and let a drug dealer go free. And no one in the justice department seem to care. In fact, I heard that Mexico and the White House are working to keep them in prison. Maybe to send a massage to the citizens in this country that the new day is dawning, and nether Mexico or it’s citizens are required to obey our laws. Further more we are to ignore all the reports of Gangs and Crimes in many cities in this country that will not only tax the police departments but become a problem for the court systems and jails. Cities and State budgets will increase, with all the money going to aid or support people in this country illegally. Hard working people, for sure, work at the restaurant, part time and pay taxes on the five dollars per hour, cut grass in the afternoon for ten dollars per hour and get paid in cash. Live life each day known that he will not be redlined at the bank when buying a home or apartment. By Eye witness, I know that sometime ten people live in houses that have only two bedrooms. And stop the lie that this occur only in bad or run-down neighborhoods.

The next election is surely approaching and the citizens will vote. If the polls are correct and my personnel polls are true, we will see changes, not only in cities, but from the state house to the white house. I believe – many citizens feel as I do about the people that come here from other countries, yall come and all come – BUT COME LEGALLY.


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