Education And Illegal Immigrants

by James Jett

Following the plans to give credit cards to illegal immigrants, I went back to my plans to write about the largest minority group in the United States. When I checked the three browsers on my computer I discovered all my bookmarks had vanished. One site kept me up to-date on the fastest growing Muslim group, the Latinos. On the site they explain why Latinos are the fastest growing group of Muslin in the USA. Here is the American Heritage dictionary meaning for Muslim: Mus·lim ( m¾zlm, m z-, m ¾s-, m s-) n. 1. Variant of Moslem . 2. A Black Muslim. [Arabic muslim one who surrenders, active participle of‘aslamato s Mos·lem ( m¼zlm, m ¼s-) or Mus·lim ( m¾zlm, m z-, m ¾s-, m s-) n. 1. A believer in or adherent of Islam. [Arabic muslim; See Muslim ] Mos lem adj. Usage Note: Moslem is the form predominantly preferred in journalism and popular usage. Muslim is preferred by scholars and by English-speaking adherents urrender from Syriac ‘ašlem] Mus lim.

This is not to do a report on Latinos turning to Islam. Receiving loyal support from the Catholic Church, yet they are turning to Islam in increasing numbers. But here I only wonder what the employment opportunities will look like for my Grandchildren and others in their age groups. The work site will change beyond recognition, a large segment of the workforce will speak only Spanish, yet, no one is teaching my Grandchildren Spanish. Also, living space will be in demand in targeted neighborhoods, (meaning neighborhoods that invite a large numbers of Latinos.) This will not become a concern for my family, so we can stay focused on employment. Like their parents, my Grandchildren is on track to be professionals with the best education one can achieve in our educational systems. But speaking only English, that is still my concern.

In all the communities I have visited where a large number of Latino live, the stores, shops, community centers and street’s names are slowly changed to Spanish. I am trying to learn Spanish, by listen to the news and weather on the Spanish speaking stations. Its a slow pace and some what unfair to me. Here is my request, like the Japanese did for us in Camp Chickamauga in Beppu, Japan: in English crawl the dialog across the bottom on both Television and Movies. On television, I need just the news and the weather, I don’t watch anything else. In neighborhoods where they are a majority, put english signs near the spanish signs so I can fine items without asking where there are located. I am not asking for anything that is not afforded Spanish speaking people.


2 Comments to “Education And Illegal Immigrants”

  1. Well, i personally speak English and Spanish well enough to teach anyone, i have 21 years of experience in Spanish and 8 in English, the sad thing is, i can’t do it do to my status…but helping people to learn them both is something i would love to do, may be they should allow those who have the skills, to use them.

  2. Mark:

    You make my point about people here illegally, although that may not be true in your case; I am reacting to your statement that you cannot contribute because of your status. If you mean you are in this country by violating the law, I wonder why? When people with your qualifications are invited and welcomed into this country. But if you mean you are not licensed as a teacher, why not? Is it because you took the test and failed or no education organization will employ you? I ask these questions because I recall an article in the local news papers about a number of people brought into Cleveland, OH from India to teach Math to students enrolled in the inter-city schools. Because the students could not understand the teachers, because the English were poor, in that, they did not pronounce the words in a way that could be understood by the students so the school system had to terminate the effort.

    Mark, personally I feel that this country should welcome qualified and the unqualified into this land of the free and home of the brave, but all should come here legally. And you should be given the opportunity to teach the languish that you are qualified to teach.

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