First, You must break the Law

by James Jett

Is it true that crime not only pay but guarantee you a job and health benefits? Your children will be given a good education in the greatest country known to mankind. We promise—but first you must break the law on your first day in the new country you will be living in. We have support in place, that will aid you in finding a job, the churches will feed and protect you when you need help. Banks and Credit Unions will put in place programs to help you better support your family by having some one that speak your language and making sure signs are located so you can get your personal needs met with as little stress as possible. Any time you have to appear in court (blamed by some citizen, because you do work they don’t want to do) we will have legal support for you. If they try to deport you make it to the nearest church, there, you will be protected.

If this is not proof that we value your present here, just remember this: Border Guards are in jail, citizen’s homes have been lawfully taken because they failed to treat you as some one important, when you trespassed on their property. Over and beyond that, you will get the call when the Job Foreman need people to train for building home in the high price neighborhoods. Welcome to America, new citizen.


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