President and Politics

by James Jett

Last year, a couple things occurred, that made me wonder how I would vote in the (08) presidential election; and I came to this conclusion. I will continue to vote for the candidates, that I feel will uphold the laws in this country; and totally believe in, and promote health, education, Individual rights and freedoms.

For this reason, I need reliable information about the candidate’s habits and ideals about life, freedoms and law enforcing. Every day, you can see, hear and read about people breaking our laws, while the people charged with enforcing the law, look the other way. Question: should we be permitted to break the law because we are poor, uneducated or unemployed?

As the election for the next President approach, I need better information about the candidates stands on the values that shape my daily life. So far, all I have in the way of information; on the people that are candidates for the president of these United States are maybe and here-say: Senator Obama is said to be a heavy smoker, if that is true I can not vote for him for president. The fact that Senator McCain support amnesty, means he will not get my vote. It would be good, if the candidates will sense this Country’s needs and address them, without concern about the next election. I just hope the voters realize, that another head-of-lettuce with an extra tomato is not worth a life of lawlessness and corruption.


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