Media & Society

by James Jett

In many conversations, these days; its all about the media, that’s why the public rate them, in many polls below used-car salesmen. I am not belittling used-car salesmen, it just that they are not protected by the first-amendment.

Every time I read, listen to or view any material presented by the media; I am mindful of the fact, that the media control the content and have an agenda. And promoting that agenda dictate how the news is reported and what content is presented for public use. As I view the images on television, it become clear that the person on that screen is carefully selected. Let me tell you how: a teacher at a school in a changing neighborhood call a TV Station, and asked them to send a crew out and film the science display; because this was the first time this school would be in the Science fair. The person at the TV Station said, “that’s not news, if they were burning the school down that would be news” and hung-up the phone.

How would I change or improve the Media?. Change my behavior, be careful what I watch, what I read and change the station on the radio when that voice come on trying to brain-wash me or influence my thinking. After I listen lone enough to be sure I disagree. I understand the reason we need the media and will be the first to vote to keep it around and functioning. Our society would suffer without the media. Some one asked which would do the most damage, a year without the politicians or a year without the media; for me, keep the media around.


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