Voters and Education

by James Jett

Before the last election I said the Republicans would win by the END-OF-THEIR-TEETH. And I expressed concern about the Democrats taking both houses. Well the people carefully selected and elected the best candidates for the office and sent a massage to the Republican Party. That massage is, if you are doing what the majority of the Voters in your City, State, or District; want you to do; you will be re-elected; if not, you will be replaced. This is the kind of voter-action I have prayed for the last few elections; to have the voters speak loud and clear.

Now, the next job should be focused on the School Boards and the Educational Systems; these establishments really need a good house-cleaning, then elect and appoint people that will educate our children. And I mean educate, not indoctrinate, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. With this accomplish, this Nation will be safe and successful.


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