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President and Politics

by James Jett

Last year, a couple things occurred, that made me wonder how I would vote in the (08) presidential election; and I came to this conclusion. I will continue to vote for the candidates, that I feel will uphold the laws in this country; and totally believe in, and promote health, education, Individual rights and freedoms.

For this reason, I need reliable information about the candidate’s habits and ideals about life, freedoms and law enforcing. Every day, you can see, hear and read about people breaking our laws, while the people charged with enforcing the law, look the other way. Question: should we be permitted to break the law because we are poor, uneducated or unemployed?

As the election for the next President approach, I need better information about the candidates stands on the values that shape my daily life. So far, all I have in the way of information; on the people that are candidates for the president of these United States are maybe and here-say: Senator Obama is said to be a heavy smoker, if that is true I can not vote for him for president. The fact that Senator McCain support amnesty, means he will not get my vote. It would be good, if the candidates will sense this Country’s needs and address them, without concern about the next election. I just hope the voters realize, that another head-of-lettuce with an extra tomato is not worth a life of lawlessness and corruption.


Media & Society

by James Jett

In many conversations, these days; its all about the media, that’s why the public rate them, in many polls below used-car salesmen. I am not belittling used-car salesmen, it just that they are not protected by the first-amendment.

Every time I read, listen to or view any material presented by the media; I am mindful of the fact, that the media control the content and have an agenda. And promoting that agenda dictate how the news is reported and what content is presented for public use. As I view the images on television, it become clear that the person on that screen is carefully selected. Let me tell you how: a teacher at a school in a changing neighborhood call a TV Station, and asked them to send a crew out and film the science display; because this was the first time this school would be in the Science fair. The person at the TV Station said, “that’s not news, if they were burning the school down that would be news” and hung-up the phone.

How would I change or improve the Media?. Change my behavior, be careful what I watch, what I read and change the station on the radio when that voice come on trying to brain-wash me or influence my thinking. After I listen lone enough to be sure I disagree. I understand the reason we need the media and will be the first to vote to keep it around and functioning. Our society would suffer without the media. Some one asked which would do the most damage, a year without the politicians or a year without the media; for me, keep the media around.


Voters and Education

by James Jett

Before the last election I said the Republicans would win by the END-OF-THEIR-TEETH. And I expressed concern about the Democrats taking both houses. Well the people carefully selected and elected the best candidates for the office and sent a massage to the Republican Party. That massage is, if you are doing what the majority of the Voters in your City, State, or District; want you to do; you will be re-elected; if not, you will be replaced. This is the kind of voter-action I have prayed for the last few elections; to have the voters speak loud and clear.

Now, the next job should be focused on the School Boards and the Educational Systems; these establishments really need a good house-cleaning, then elect and appoint people that will educate our children. And I mean educate, not indoctrinate, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. With this accomplish, this Nation will be safe and successful.


The New Year

by James Jett

While we are celebrating the New Years season, we should continue to be thankful for the good in our lives, our Families, and our Country. This should include all the people that gave you support when doing it alone would have been difficult; your Spouse, Mother, Father or Children that smiled when you needed one; or listened when you told your side. Be thankful that the problems you thought would defeat you, only made you stronger. Be thankful that the problems that remain, God will see you thru them to the end. For His promise is “I will never leave you or forsake you”.

Now that you have counted your blessings, you should pursue peace. Turmoil can not prevail when peace come . Make sure you include everyone, do not leave any one out. Forgive, both friends and enemies. And when you have peace and have forgiven everyone, you no longer feel angry and disturbed. You are free to love, love everyone with the love that expects nothing in return. (No I don’t mean lettng everyone use you.) I mean showing love to the down-and-out, saying hello to the lonely and helping the poor and the needier

Now you can have pleasure and joy, with peace of mind. The food tastes better, the presents are more beautiful and the friends and families seem warmer, whether they are with you in person or mentally. What has happened is this; you have unloaded all the excess baggage accumulated last year and can put in the good things of this year. With this process, day by day you can increase the good and decrease the bad, thereby, having more joy with peace, even in the times when you feel so alone. Here, I must quote my Grandmother, “If God is with you—anyone against you is a fool”.

In the New Year and all the years to come, I pray the God of power, the God of peace, the God of joy and the God of love; be with and stay with you,