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Happy New Year: TO YOU

by James Jett


I hope it bring you and yours: success, joy, peace and happiness; all the days to come.

James Jett


Hello world!

by James Jett

Welcome to This is my first post in this Blog; I had to start because I can not access the Blogs I have with Bloggers. They have been changing the coding, markup and (I guess) every thing else that they feel will improve the blogging experience. Now that the new blogger is ready for use, only a few Beta blogs can be transferred each time, I will be number-next-time to get transferred, or maybe later. WordPress can not Import the New Blog, I tried and I failed. My Blog that you are all using to fine your Medals, Ribbons and Badges, Truth Lies and Character (TLC) will continue to provide that information and aid me in my quest to restore my Military Records. Yes I said all of you; and I mean both of you should know I want to provide factual information about the procedures in applying for records, ribbons and benefits from the Veteran Administration (VA). With this blog, I can post anything I deem you want to read, and leave the VA benefits for the TLC Blog.